Initial itinerary for my RTW trip

I’ve been putting in a lot of thought as to My Round the World trip Itinerarywhat the best route is for my round the world trip. It starts off in Mexico and ends in Europe, with South East Asia in between. Below is an initial list off what places and countries I am currently planning to go to in between my set volunteer abroad dates:

Meredia, Mexico – May 1 to May 14
Home for May 15 and 16
Fiji – June 5 – June 18
Bali, Indonesia – June 19 – July 16
Thailand – Bangkok
Naples, Italy – July 31 – August 27
Italy (extended)

I may add in or take out some countries and places, but this is just an initial list to go off of for right now. I want to try to find a race to do in Hawaii while I am out there so I can check that state off my list, so my length of stay there will depend on what I am able to find for races. I want to stop in Australia too, but my only concern right now with Australia is what the weather will be like since it will be fall going into winter at the time I plan on being there. I don’t mind this, but for packing reasons it might be a tricky travel destination.

I’ve heard Bangkok and Singapore are really awesome cities to visit, and I am currently looking into other cities in the South East Asia area that I could visit as well. From South East Asia, I plan to pop over to Europe and go to Poland before my program in Italy starts. One of my best friends is planning to go to Poland next summer with her boyfriend, who is originally from Poland, and when I told them how I plan to be in Europe for half of next summer, but don’t know where yet other than Italy, we made plans to all meet up in Poland for a week or so before my program starts.

Even though I’ll be in Italy for a month, I’ll really only be in one section of Italy and want to check out some other areas in Italy as well. Another one of my friends has really been wanting to go to Italy, so I told her she should plan to go at the end of August and meet up with me so we can check out the rest of Italy. I also really want to go to Greece while I’m sort of in that area so I can check out some of the Greek ruins because Greek Mythology has always been something I’ve really enjoyed. It will also be cool to compare the ruins from the Roman Gods versus the Greek Gods.

To end my trip I want to go to England, Scotland, and Ireland. Of theses three, I want to see Scotland the most and try to find the area where my ancestors came from. I’ve always wanted to go to Scotland, and kept telling myself that would be the first true country I would visit abroad, however it only seems fitting that I save the most anticipated destination as the last destination on my trip.

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  1. Exciting plans! It will be interesting to see your blog posts from those trips.

    Not sure if you’re interested in New Zealand, but I’ve heard it has some of the most spectacular scenery. Could be nice to fit in near Fiji.


    1. I originally was thinking of trying to add New Zealand in too but then I realized that the time I will be going on this trip will be almost winter time there and the majority of the places I will be going to are all summer temperatures. I don’t have it completely crossed off my list yet because it is RIGHT there and I would love to go there someday!


      1. Oh, that’s a really good idea to plan your travel though areas with similar weather. That way you’re not having to pack an entire bag of winter clothing too, lol. Last November, I was in the Philippines and stopped in South Korea, for a day, on the return flight. The flight left at night with 90F temps and arrived the next morning in 17F. What a SHOCK! I was still shivering with a beanie, gloves, and parka on. Barely kept my arms still while taking pictures of the Gyeongbokgung Palace.

        Well if you don’t make it to New Zealand, you have an excuse for another trip 🙂

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      2. Oh man I would have been so sad to go from 90F to 17F! I am such a lover of warm weather and heat haha! But yes, I’m thinking someday I will plan another trip specifically for Australia and New Zealand!


      3. That sure would be a bummer for you, haha. I enjoy travelling to cold places. We get such boring winters where I live (and hot summers) that any rain or snow excites me!

        That will be an amazing trip. What are some places that you would like to see?


      4. I think the top destination I want to see the most is Scotland because I really want to see the estate/area where my ancestors are from since my last name is Scottish! A lot of the places I’m going on during my RTW trip I never expected to ever go to in my life, but now that I know more about some of the South East Asia countries they actually sounds really amazing to visit as well! I also really want to do some sort of South America/Central America trip someday to see some of the old ruins down there also, like in Peru! Old historical places like that are just so fascinating!

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      5. Scotland would be really cool to see, and I especially like your reason for it! As I recall, that’s the last destination on your RTW trip. One thing that’s fascinating about South East Asia is the change in geography (compared the the U.S.). Halong Bay still blows my mind! I agree with you on the Incan ruins in Peru, etc. Definitely on my list too!

        That’s awesome that you have a passion for travel and the history of the places you see. Did you major/minor in history at all? I don’t recall that but could easily picture you doing that.


      6. It initially was last on my list of places I planned to go on my trip, however I don’t think I’ll have time to fit it in! I have plans to go to England in the spring of 2017 already so I’m thinking of just doing a whole separate trip to the U.K. and Ireland instead that way I get a chance to see more of everything I want to see!


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