Volunteer in Fiji!

Volunteer in Fiji!Fiji is a set of islands out in the Pacific Ocean, North East of Australia. The IVHQ volunteer programs in Fiji are located in Nausori, which is about 45 minutes from central Suva. Programs that are available to apply for in Fiji are Teaching, Kindergarten, Construction and Renovation, and Sports Education. The volunteer program I will be doing in Fiji is for Sports Education. So what exactly does the Sports Education program do?

Sports and fitness are very important to the youth in Fiji. The main sport Fijians play is rugby. Volunteers will work alongside qualified sports coaches to help provide education and guidance on the activities being taught. It’ll be really cool to help teach the Fijian youth rugby, and it definitely helps that I used to play rugby, so at least I will know what is going on!

There is orientation for the first few days of program, and seems like it will be really educational towards the Fijian culture and way of life. The orientation week schedule is:

Day 1 – Introduction to the program, program rules and expectations, health and safety, do’s and don’ts in Fiji, and cultural knowledge are covered in the morning. In the afternoon there is a tour of the city of Suva, a visit to the fresh food market and to the Suva Harbor.
Day 2 – Fijian carving, painting or weaving class in the morning, with a visit to My Suva Park later in the morning, and the Fiji Sports Stadium and Damodar City Tour in the afternoon.
Day 3 – Fijian language lesson and project training in the morning, and a traditional Fijian cooking class in the afternoon.
Day 4 – A visit to Suva Museum and Centenary Methodist Historical Church in the morning, with a trip to Colo-I-Suva forest park for lunch. In the evening the local team will host a welcome party.
Day 5 – Volunteers begin the morning with project training, and is followed by a placement visit in the afternoon.

I believe Fiji will be an amazing experience, and it will be really cool to island hop to some of the smaller Fijian islands on the weekend as well while I am out there! 240 days until the Fiji start date!

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