Cady Groves – Dreams

Cady Groves - DreamsMy favorite artist that I’ve been following for 5 or so years now finally realized a brand new EP called Dreams on Friday, October 2. This EP is the most amazing thing I’ve ever listened too. All the songs are catchy, and the lyrics are so real that almost anyone can relate to each song some way or another. She also released her music video for the song “Dreams” on Thursday, October 8, that takes place in a roller rink and looks like it would have been a ton of fun to shoot. Right now the EP can be downloaded for FREE on Sound Cloud, and can also be found on Spotify as of yesterday. Personally, I hope it gets released onto iTunes so I can purchase it because even though I can listen to it for free, some people just deserve to have their music bought, and Cady Groves’ music is totally deserving of it.

She has had quite the life so far for only being 26, and expands on her feelings towards her past in her song “Crying Game,” which was the first song released from the EP. What I love about this song though, is she doesn’t only focus on the pain she has been through, but states, “Anywhere I’m going it’s crazy to think that there’s a million other people out there playing a crying game.” She also states how you can’t blame anyone when you’re caught in a crying game, which I think is also important because when something bad happens to most people they try to find someone to put blame onto, but you really can’t because sometimes things just happen.

The second song she released from her EP is called “Dreams,” and is such a fun, catchy, upbeat song. She starts off the song listing things she could have been, but then says how she doesn’t need those things because she can dream and that’s all she needs, and encourages you to stop worrying and to “Just be young, wild, and free.”

The other three songs that came out with the release of her new EP are called “Caught,” “Cause I Said No,” and “Oil & Water.” These three songs are so relatable it is almost unreal. Out of the three I think I relate to “Cause I Said No” the most.

“Cause I Said No” is a song that any girl that’s ever had to deal with the mind games of trying to date someone new should listen too. The whole message in this song is “If I say no, will it make you fall in love,” and says how when you’re dating someone new you can’t just always be available, otherwise they loose interest, which is super true. This song coming out is perfect for me because I recently just dealt with a situation like this where because I didn’t say “No” often enough, he just lost interest and randomly stopped talking to me. But, I think it is important that she put this type of song out there because most people know that now-a-days, dating is all a mind game and you have to be smart about it if you want to try to stay with that person, which is totally not how dating should be, but it is.

“Caught” is another song a lot of people can relate to. Cady sings about wanting to get caught with the guy she is seeing, even though he wants to keep the fact that they’re together hidden. So she lists a bunch of ways she wants to get caught that they’re together. This song is also super relatable because she says why she always goes back, even though she knows she shouldn’t because she hopes that he’ll “become a human,” and I think most girls have had a relationship like this as one point or another. The kind of relationship that you know you should just let go of, but always have hope that he is going to change his ways, even though you know he isn’t going to.

“Oil & Water” is a very real song about how people fall in love, and have this vision of being together forever, but it can’t actually happen in reality because “some people just don’t mix, like oil and water.” This song is absolutely beautiful, and is a great metaphor for how sometimes relationships just don’t work and need to be let go.

If you’ve never heard of Cady Groves before this post, I seriously encourage you to go and listen to her music right now because you will not regret it. Her Dreams EP can be downloaded here:

Her music video for “Dreams” can be viewed here:

And her music video for “Crying Game” can be viewed here:

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