Volunteer in Bali!

The volunteer program I am signed up for in Bali, Indonesia, might be the program I am the most excited for, as far as what I will be doing there. In Bali, my placement is on the Turtle Conservation project, which will be amazing because turtles are so cool. Another cool thing about this placement is it is located on a smaller island off of Bali, called Nusa Penida. Since this project is located on Nusa Penida, there is not as much tourism, which allows for a more traditional/cultural experience.

How I plan to volunteer in Bali with IVHQ!

Volunteers on the Turtle Conservation Project work with a local team to help protect the endangered sea turtles of Indonesia. This involves hands on work with the turtles for a couple hours a day, such as feeding, cleaning, and caring for turtles that fell victim to commercial fisheries or various illnesses. Other responsibilities for volunteers on this project include, beach cleanups and collection of live food for turtles. Volunteers also teach turtle related classes at local primary schools, build waste management solutions in local areas to make sure waste does not end up in the ocean, develop campaigns that focus on turtle and environmental conservation, releasing turtles back into the wild, construction and maintenance of the turtle conservation area, and collecting data on turtles held at the centre.

The orientation during the first week seems really interesting too. On the first day, all the program rules and expectation, health and safety, etc. is covered, as well as a walking tour of Ubud, and a welcome dinner and Balinese dance show. The second day starts off with a language lesson and then has a local village walk through the countryside and rice paddies. The third day starts off with another language lesson, followed by a Batik painting class. The fourth involves taking an Indonesian cooking class and flower making class, because flower offering are a daily ritual in Bali, and then there is also a discussion on your project later on. And on the fifth day there is a temple visit, and then you are introduced to the project you will be working on.

There are a handful of other volunteer programs offered in Bali as well. Some of the other programs are Teaching English, Kindergarten, Construction and Renovation, Environmental Education, and Healthcare Education. All of these projects are based out of Ubud.

Just from what I’ve looked up about Bali so far, Bali seems like it will be a wicked beautiful place to visit, and I can’t wait to help out all the turtles in the Turtle Conservation project! I will be spending four weeks in Bali starting 247 days from now!

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