Run For Our School 5k – Sanford, Maine

Run For Our School 5k - Sanford, MaineOver this past weekend, on Saturday, October 24, I drove up to Sanford, Maine and ran in a 5K called Run For Our School. This was the 7th annual Run For Our School race, which is put on by the St. Thomas School, and all proceeds from the race go to a local pre-K to grade 6 school. I found the race through the website Running in the USA and chose this race because it sounded like a nice little 5k and it fit best into my schedule.

So as I’ve mentioned before, I am trying to run a race in all 50 states, and really wanted to get New England out of the way this year and was still left with Maine and Vermont. Since I was already going to be up close to the Maine border (well closer than I normally am at least), I decided to check out what I had for race options.

This race appealed to me because it was put on for a local cause, versus a chain race, which usually put money towards charity, but I feel like it’s good to help out the smaller local community races as well. It also sounded like a good course, and was described on the website as a “flat, fast, scenic 5K on roads and paved trails.” I am all about flat and fast since it is a nice break from the hilly runs I typically do at home.

Since this course was a flat, fast course, I decided I wanted to PR at this race. For the past 2 years I’ve been trying to beat 30 minutes. Last year I almost beat it once with a 30:09, or somewhere around there. Over the winter I had a medical set back, so when I was finally able to start running again in the spring, I was basically starting off like a person that had never ran before. Now that I am back on track, I told myself I was going to beat that 30 minute mark this race.

And I did! Towards the end of the race I even pushed myself enough and beat 29 minutes! I PR’d with a 28:55 at the Run For Our School 5k and couldn’t have been happier. A lady that was running in front of me I could tell was a conditioned runner with a set running pace that was geared towards a 30 minute 5k, so I stayed behind her for most of the race to try and make sure I didn’t loose pace.

Run For Our School 5k - Sanford, Maine

The course was also really nice. It started off at a small school, and went down a couple of roads before turning into a park for about a mile, and then came back out on the road to finish. After the race, everyone could go into the school for snacks, which consisted of a lot of different things at this race. I’ve never been to a race before that had a full on potluck afterwards. They had at least 6 different types of soups you could try (which was probably because it was only 35 degrees out for the race), a bunch of different desserts, and a bunch of different breakfast items. There was also a long table set up that had a bunch of pies in boxes lined up, like 18 of them or so. I didn’t stick around for the post race announcements where they go over the winners in each category, but my guess is the 1st placeholder for each age category got to pick a pie.

This race was definitely a great experience, and I seriously could not be happier to have a new PR, and a race complete in Maine checked off my state list!

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