Why am I going on a Round the World Trip?

Why am I going on a Round The World trip?In my posts over the past few weeks I’ve discussed what I plan to do on my round the world volunteer trip, where I will be going, and who I will be going through. A lot of my friends keep asking my what is making me want to do all this. It is a good question, and one that I honestly don’t have a complete answer to. There are many different factors driving me to travel next year, such as I’ve always wanted to travel, I’ve always wanted to do a volunteer abroad program, and I just feel like I need to do it sooner rather than later, and maybe I’m also running away from life a little bit too, who knows.

So far I feel like I’ve rushed through my early twenties. I graduated college before I even turned 21, spent my entire 21st year miserable because I was working full time and going to Grad school. I then dealt with a family medical issue, where I had to take a few weeks off from work, and if it wasn’t for that break from work and school, I wouldn’t have realized just how miserable I had been and would have spent all of year 22 just as miserable. The entire time that I was working full-time and going to school, I told myself once I was done with my degree I would just take off and leave, and just travel wherever my heart desired. So even though most people seem to think my decision to do this round the world trip was sporadic, in a way it really wasn’t.

I always planned to go alone too. I’ve always thought of different friends I could ask to meet up with in different locations, but I always planned to initially leave alone. This seems to be another huge concern between my close friends and family. I realize that I’m a young, pretty girl and not everyone in the world is nice, and I know that I will be just fine out there on my own. Plus, it’s not like I plan to be alone the entire time either. When I am in Mexico, Fiji, Bali, and Italy, I will be volunteering alongside an entire group of people, even though I will be showing up alone. And even on the days that I will be on my own, I’m sure I’ll meet other traveller’s or backpackers in the hostels or hotels I will be staying in, and can go out on day adventures with them.

Yeah I know you shouldn’t trust strangers, but there is definitely a difference to meeting someone random on a street versus meeting someone you’ll be sharing a hostel room with. I’m also not a big drinker, so chances are I won’t go out a ton at night, and if I did I’d be sober and very conscious of where I am.

So why am I doing this round the world trip? Since I haven’t done much in my twenties yet, I figure I might as well do something now while I still can. I don’t have a car payment, a house payment, any student loans, and nothing to hold me back. The one thing I have is my dog Shadi, but I know my parents would be more than willing to take care of her while I’m gone. One of my friends told me that when I get back, that’s it, that’s where my travel story will end. I honestly don’t believe that one bit. I think that this trip will finally give me the taste of for travel that I’ve been craving the past couple years, and will only be the beginning to my life of travel.

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  1. Good for you! Student loans are one of the only things holding me back. Do it big for those of us who aren’t quite there yet. Also, the travel story doesn’t stop there, I try to fit in travel as many times as I can a year. 5 countries in 2015 alone, not too shaby


    1. That’s so awesome that you’ve been able to fit 5 countries into just 2015! I can’t wait to get out and experience other places since I’m so limited right now as to where I can go because of my job, but my trip will come up soon enough! Hopefully once your student loans arent holding you back as much you’ll be able to get out more as well!

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  2. Fabulous idea. Don’t worry what others say, they’re just voicing their own insecurities. Glad to hear that you’re being your own person, go for it. We did, and we’re in our mid 50s. Life is what you make it. Jonno.


    1. Thanks! I think they’re more worried about my safety since I’ll be “alone,” but after reading up on experienced traveler’s I’ve come to find the world doesn’t seem as scary as people make it seem to be, and figure it’s something you should experience for yourself!

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  3. I’ve been traveling alone for years now but never have I actually been alone. I met all sorts of people, even when I wasn’t even trying, that have kept me company and have even ended up joining me for bits of my travels. Some of the people I’ve met have become really good friends of mine that I will always stay in touch with. Especially since you are volunteering, you are going to meet a TON of people who are in the same boat as you.

    You’ll also find that your friendships with the other travelers waiting to meet you will accelerate faster than your friendships back home. Its one of the coolest pleasures. You have nothing to worry about. 🙂

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    1. I’m glad to get your perspective on it! One of the few trips I’ve taken by myself before was for an online class I had to take and I met up with other classmates once there, but never knew any of them beforehand and it’s just so cool meeting different people from all over and just learning their stories. I’m wicked excited to see who I end up meeting while volunteering abroad!


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