Asics GEL-Fit Sana Cross-Training Shoes

Last night I went to Marshall’s to see if I could find anything there I could use for my Halloween costume.  I didn’t have much luck, and decided to go through the shoe section just to see what they had.  Every once in awhile I’ll find a decent pair of running sneakers here for a really good price.  While I was looking through the sneaker section, I came across a pair of Asics GEL-Fit Sana Cross-Training Shoes.  I had been looking for a pair of really light running shoes that I could try out in hopes that I’d like them and they’d be easy to fit into my bag for my Round the World Trip.

Asics GEO-Fit Sana Training Shoes

I picked them up and checked the price, $39.99 – not too bad for sneakers.  Then I tried them on and omg the fit of them was soooooo nice, I don’t know if I’ve ever tried on a more comfortable sneaker.  I decided to buy a pair and try them out, because if I like them I am definitely going to buy another pair or 2 to have as backups.

Asics GEO-Fit Sana Training Shoe

Since I am leaving for Las Vegas in 2 weeks for the Rock N Roll Half Marathon on November 15th, I decided to try them out on an 8 mile run today.  They were so light and comfortable.  The only problem I had was I think I needed to make them a little bit tighter because my feet seemed to move around a little while running downhill, but other than that they were great.  If you are looking for a pair of light weight and comfortable running shoes that are easy to pack to travel with, I definitely recommend getting a pair of these Asics Gel Fit Sana Cross-Training Shoes.

Sturbridge, MA
View of the fall foliage along my running route this afternoon in the rare 70 degree weather for an end of October day in Massachusetts

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