Scare Away Cancer 5k – Sturbridge, MA

Happy Halloween! Last night I went to a Halloween party at my cousin’s house and dressed up as a sugar/candy skull girl. This morning I knew I was going to be running in the Scare Away Cancer 5k located in Sturbridge, MA, so last night I tried super hard to sleep carefully so I could go to the race as a sugar skull. And I successfully slept so! This morning the only touch up I had to do was reapply the black on my nose.  Here is what it looked like last night when I first finished it though!

Sugar Skull Makeup

I got up this morning deciding I was just going to take this 5k nice and easy. I was a little worried that the makeup might start to run if I started sweating, but the temperature was around 35 degrees, so I really didn’t have much to worry about. A few of my friends that I typically do races with also did this race, so I paced with one of them for the whole race and thought I was going so slow the entire time. Today was just one of those running days where the run seemed to take forever. Turns out though, that our pace was actually pretty good, since I ended the race with an unofficial time of 29:49. I honestly did not think I was going at that fast of a pace, I seriously thought I was going to end with an 11 minute mile pace because I thought I was going super slow.

Scare Away Cancer 5K on Halloween in Sturbridge, MA

Scare Away Cancer 5k Sturbridge MA

I am happy though that I managed to do another 5k under 30 minutes though! This race was a little weird, however. They didn’t have any race bib’s, like races typically do, and instead handed out a ticket at the finish line with a number on it (the number was what place you came in) and then you had to take your ticket to a table where they wrote down your name and number and were going to write your end time on it as well. I didn’t stay long enough to see what my finishing time was through them because my dad didn’t want to wait around, but at least I tracked the 5k on my phone so I have an idea of what my overall time was.

Running in the Scare Away Cancer 5k in Sturbridge, MA

It was cool seeing everyone’s costumes too during the run. One of my friends dressed up as a run-away patient, which was super funny because he was running ahead of us and we could see his fake butt showing underneath his johnny. This was just a local 5k that was being put on by one of the Southbridge Relay for Life Team’s to raise money for cancer. It was fun doing a small local 5k on Halloween, but I think next year I might try and find a much bigger race to do for an even greater Halloween running experience!

Scare Away Cancer 5k in Sturbridge, MA

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