Venturing to Nantucket

Growing up, my family would always spend a week in the summer renting out a house on Cape Cod. Then my parents decided to buy a house on Cape Cod while I was in high school, and we started taking weekend trips out there more regularly. Even though I spent this much time out on the Cape, there is one thing I had never done: visited the islands Martha’s Vineyard or Nantucket. At the beginning of summer 2015 I vowed to make it my mission to visit at least one of the two islands.

Nantucket Ferry Boat

One of my friends is a cop out on Nantucket, so my best friend Renee and our friend Rylee all made plans to go out to Nantucket to visit him. I took off a couple of days from work in August, on the 19th and 20th, and the three of us met up at my Cape house the night before on the 18th. Our plan was to get up and take the mid morning ferry on the 19th and spend the day on the beach and exploring Nantucket with our friend Rick. We parked in Hyannis and took the ferry out of the Hyannis Ferry Port. Round trip tickets from Hyannis to Nantucket cost $35 and the ferry ride is around 2 ½ hours long.

Rick met us at the ferry when we docked, and the four of us hung around in the ferry port area because a couple of our other friends were taking one of the faster ferries that would be showing up shortly after ours docked. So while we waited we went to an outdoor bar. I ordered a mudslide, and oh my god it was the best mudslide I’ve ever had. We had a couple of drink here, and then our friends Dave and Robbie ferry was coming in so we walked over to meet up with them. One of Dave and Robbie’s to-do’s on Nantucket was to go to this pizza place called Oath Craft Pizza. This pizza place is run almost like how a Subway is, where they have a crust already made, and you ask for whatever toppings you want and they put them on right there in front of you, and they then stick it in this little conveyer oven for a couple minutes and then its done. When we first got there I wasn’t expecting much of the pizza, but it was seriously so good. It is located right next on one of the ferry docks, so if you are ever docking in Nantucket and are hungry you should seriously go here.

Nantucket, MA

Now that we had everyone, it was off to the beach. We went to Nobadeer Beach, which is located near the airport. At Nobadeer, if you have a sticker you can drive your truck out onto the beach, or you can park in the parking area and walk out. Rick drove his truck out onto the beach, and was hoping he wouldn’t get stuck since he has in the past. We successfully made it onto the beach and spent a few hours just hanging out, drinking, playing games, swimming in the ocean, and tackling each other in the water. I honestly don’t think I’ve ever had as much fun on a beach as I did that day.

Nobadeer Beach, Nantucket, MA

As we were leaving the beach, Rick’s truck almost got stuck, so he made Dave get out and push in order for the truck to keep going. Rick got the truck going pretty well, and was slightly worried that Dave wouldn’t make it back into the truck and would get left behind to walk all the way back to the road from the beach. Renee stuck her head out the window though and called kept calling his name to find out if he made it or got left behind, and Dave waved his hand out from the back of the truck. I should probably mention that Rick has a little Ford Ranger, and he has a cap on the back of his truck that he can lift up, so the cap was lifted up that was Dave and Robbie could sit in the back of the truck while, Renee, Riley, Rick and I were all in the front of the truck.

Nantucket, MA

After the beach, we all went back to the barracks where Rick lived and showered up before going out to dinner. Rick brought us to a local seafood place, which was more for take out, but they had a few tables on a porch outside that you could sit and eat at. I’m not huge on seafood, but the one type of seafood I will normally eat is clam strips so I decided to give theirs a try. I have never seen bigger clam strips before in my life! They were HUGE! Some of them seriously could have been mistaken as chicken fingers. I ate most of the smaller ones and tried to eat some of the bigger ones, but the texture got to me from being so big that I just couldn’t do it.

Nantucket Sunset

After dinner, we all went back downtown to walk around and check out some bars. We tried going to what is known as the Tree Bar, but at the time it was still dinner time so there wasn’t really a bar scene yet. So we ventured off to a different bar and stayed here for a bit and had a couple drinks. A band came in an played towards the end of our stay, and our table was near where their set up was, so the lead singer came up to us before they started and told us to pick out a few songs to play. They were wicked good. They had a violin, a double bass, and a guitar. They played a lot of known songs like 500 miles, Brick House, Ring of Fire, One Headlight, and a whole bunch of other songs.

We headed back to the Tree Bar after watching this band play for a bit, and stayed here for the rest of the night. A bunch of Rick’s police friends that had the night off met up with us at the Tree Bar and we all just hung out, had some drink, and had a really good time.

Nobadeer Beach, Nantucket, MA

The next morning, we got up and went to breakfast and decided last minute to stay and catch the afternoon ferry that way we could go back to the beach again for a couple more hours before heading out. Once we finally made it onto the ferry that afternoon, we were all drained. It was still so nice out, and we each had a towel, so I got the bright idea to lay my towel out on the top deck of the ferry and we all just laid there. Riley and Renee followed suit and the three of us laid there and took naps on the 2 ½ hour ferry ride home.


I was so happy to make it out to Nantucket over the summer, and seriously can’t wait to go back some other time. The week before going to Nantucket, I actually ventured onto Martha’s Vineyard for a quick day trip, and was wicked happy to have made it to both Islands this summer, when my goal was to at least make it to one!

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