Initial thoughts of Vegas

I am finally in Vegas! After working yesterday and then 2 plane rides I finally landed in Vegas for the first time. My friend Brian and I did not get to Vegas until around 11:30 pm last night, which is still early for Vegas time, but is 2:30 pm our time. We each tried to nap a little on the plane that way we could just go to the hotel check in and head down to the casino to start checking things out.  We are staying at the Linq, which is a pretty night hotel/casino so far, the only complaint I have is that the door to the bathroom in the bedrooms is super annoying. It slides to close, and is hard to actually get to close because it always wants to spring back. But its whatever because we aren’t really in the room too much anyways.


We went down to the casino in the Linq last night and grabbed drinks for the bar before checking out the rest of the casino.  The casino in the Linq isn’t really that big, but it was perfect for us since we weren’t looking to get too crazy last night.  We tried our hand out at black jack, which was my first time playing, and I ended up with  $10 more than I put down after a few rounds, so I decided to call it a night at that for black jack. Then we kinda just walked around the casino a bit and played on some penny slots for a little, mostly just so we could get served rather than having to buy other drinks at the bar.  We ended up going to bed at 3 am, which realistically was 6 am for us, so we were pretty tired. At one point I looked at the clock and it said 2:15 am, and I was like “Brian… I am usually waking up right now to go to work and I haven’t even gone to bed yet.”  Anyone that knows me knows that it isn’t very often that I stay up late, I’m that one friend that is always in bed way before 10 pm!


This morning I woke up at 7:30 and decided to go for a quick run down the strip just to try and loosen up for my half marathon on Sunday. It was honestly probably the worst run I’ve ever done timewise.  It took me 32 minutes to do 2.5 miles, which is wayyyy slow.  It was hard to keep my pace out here because there are a bunch of bridge crossings that go iver the roads, so I kept having to run up the stairs and then down the stairs and that just completely wiped me out. It was still nice to get out though, and I was able to check out some of the areas farther down the strip and sort of get my bearings.



After my run, I showered quick and we went to a buffet for breakfast before heading down to the Las Vegas Convention Center to pick up my race bib for Sunday. Even though we could take the monorail from our hotel straight to the Convention Center, we opted to walk instead so we could check out other areas and see what was going on. It was a pretty good walk, and gave me more of an idea of how long the half on Sunday is going to feel.


The Expo for the Rock N Roll Marathon series was pretty big. There were a ton of different vendors there handing out free samples of protien bars and energy jelly beans and all that kinda stuff. I ended up buying a pair of spandex from one of the booths called Cozy Orange for $20, which is about the same price you’d pay just about anywhere. The thing I liked about these spandex though, is that they are made from recycled H2O bottles. The lady at the store said how 90% of the material is recycled plastic and the other 10% is material to make it stretch. I thought it was really cool that clothing made out of recycled plastic was even a thing, like I never even knew that before!


We walked back to the Linq after the Expo, and are currently resting up so we can survive going out tonight (moreso so I can survive tonight than Brian haha). Tomorrow morning we have tickets to go and see the Grand Canyon by helicpoter and also have tickets to see the Blue Man Group at night, courtesy of my parents who are also out here right now! I’m super excited for the rest of my trip, and can’t wait to see what else Vegas has in store for me!

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