Las Vegas: Day 1 Continued

In my Initial Thoughts of Las Vegas post, I started going over what I did in Vegas the night I arrived and the first full day I was there.  When I wrote that post, it was the early afternoon there and we were trying to rest up and get used to the 3 hour time change.  After resting, Brian and I walked down to the mall attached to Mandalay Bay because I really wanted to eat at this restaurant called Burger Bar.  I found out about Burger Bar a few nights before we left for Vegas and saw that they had create your own milkshakes.  I texted Brian and was like we’re going here for dinner one night because I need to make one of these shakes.  They seriously looked so good on the menu.  So that’s exactly what we did!

Burger Bar, Las Vegas

Burger Bar was a really good burger/shake restaurant in my opinion.  They have an option for you to build your own burger, which a few different burger patty options, and tons of topping options.  One of their burger patties was a beef with no hormones or additives, so I opted for that patty, and also got cheese and bacon as toppings and a side of skinny fries which were wicked good.

Burger Bar, Las Vegas

For milkshakes they had either a build your own milkshake option or you could order specific milkshakes that they had on the menu.  Under the build your own milkshake option, you could choose any type of alcohol that they had listed to add into your milkshake.  It took me awhile to decide what I wanted, but I ended up getting a chocolate shake with Malibu Banana, with whipped cream, bananas and caramel sauce on top.  I could barely taste the Malibu Banana in the shake, but the shake itself was still delicious so I didn’t really care.

After Burger Bar, my parents and my aunt met up with us in the mall at Mandalay Bay and we all took a taxi to Downtown Las Vegas.  My dad and I really wanted to go down the Slotzilla Zip Line.  This is the zip line I mentioned in my 5 Things I want to do in Las Vegas post.

Slotzilla, Downtown Las Vegas

There are two zip line options for Slotzilla.  The first option cost’s $20, and only runs along a quarter to a third of the Old Las Vegas Strip.  The second option cost’s $40 and run’s along the entire strip.  My dad, aunt, Brian and I all decided we wanted to go on it, and lucked out with buying tickets.  We got into the store where you can buy tickets to ride Slotzilla, and it was around 7:50.  The boarding times for going on Slotzilla run in 20 minute increments, and the current boarding time was for 7:40.  When we looked up the tickets, the only boarding time for either the short or long zip line with 4 tickets was for 7:40, and was the long zip line.  There was one other time an hour later that had only 3 tickets, but everything else was sold out.  We all hurried to the register and purchased the 4 tickets for 7:40 and headed right up the staircase to get on Slotzilla.

Getting ready for Slotzilla!

Going down Slotzilla isn’t like any other normal zip line.  Most zip lines you are kind of sitting up that way you can stop yourself before reaching the end of the zip line.  However, on this zip line, you are attached to the line from your back, so it is like you are flying through Downtown Las Vegas.  It was seriously sooooo cool.  At the end of the zip line, there is a stopper that the hitch you are connected to on the line clicks into in order for them to reel you in.

Slotzilla, Downtown Las Vegas

Unfortunately for me, I was too light and didn’t make it all of the way to the stopper and stopped a ways before it.  When this happens, one of the workers has to attach themselves to the zip line, and shimmy out to hook onto you and then reel you in themselves.  It was kinda cool that this happened though, cuz I was just hanging there and could look around and see different things going on along Fremont Street.

Fremont Street, Downtown Las Vegas

After Slotzilla, we waited around for a little bit so we could watch the light show that happens every hour along the strip.  We went into the Golden Nugget Casino, so we could see the Hand of Faith, the world’s largest golden nugget in existence.  This nugget is the second largest piece to have ever been excavated and was found in 1980 in Wedderburn, Australia.  The man who found this nugget, located it with a metal detector, and it was buried only a foot under the ground!  It was an interesting little (not really so little!) thing to see in order to waste some time before the light show.

Fremont Street, Downtown Las Vegas

We caught the light show at 9, which was really cool.  They turn all of the building lights off on the strip, and the canopy above the strip lights up with a show.  This show was based to 3 Imagine Dragon songs, and was awesome to watch!  The way it looked kind of reminded me of way back in the day when I used to listen to music on Window Media Player and watch the visualizer to the music.  Except the visuals show for the light show were like 1000x cooler than that!

When the light show ended, we took a taxi back to Mandalay Bay, and Brian and I then made our way back to the Linq.  We were still pretty dead from the time change, but wanted to go out so I decided to just take a quick nap so I could sort of refresh myself and not be as exhausted.  I slept for like an hour maybe and woke up, and was like ok I’ll change now and we can do something, and Brian told me to just go back to sleep since he was pretty tired too and we had to be up by 5:30 the next morning for our helicopter tour of the Grand Canyon.



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