Sundance: Grand Canyon Helicopter Tour

My second full day in Las Vegas started with a 5:30 am wake up.  My parents graciously paid for Brian and I to go on a helicopter tour of the Grand Canyon with them early Saturday morning.  Brian and I were to be picked up by a limo at 5:50 am, which meant we needed to get up pretty early.  Since we both passed out super early the night before and didn’t go out, waking up early really wasn’t a problem for me.  We made our way downstairs, grabbed a couple muffins from the cafe in the hotel, and waited for the limo to pick us up.

Sundance Helicpoter tour of Grand Canyon

The company we went through to do the tour was called Sundance.  They have a variety of different tour options, from early morning, afternoon, and evening, and for various lengths of time.  The tour we went on was 3.5 hours long (which includes hotel pickup and drop off times) and started at the Sundance building that is attached to the airport.  Brian and I got there around 6 am, so we had an hour to wait until we would start loading into the helicopters.  They had a small side sitting area in the back of the building where you could see all of the helicopters parked, and the sun had just started rising over the mountains for us to watch while we waited.

Sundance Helicpoter tour of Grand Canyon

At 7 am our pilot came in to get us so we could start loading into the helicopter.  I had never been in a helicopter before this tour, and helicopters honestly don’t make sense to me, so I was curious to see how it would feel to fly inside one.  On the way there Brian and I sat in the front with the pilot, while my parents and my aunt sat in the back.  I made the dumb mistake to sit in the front middle seat, which made it harder to snap pictures on the way there since there were bars in the way and the windows are curved.

Sundance Helicpoter tour of Grand Canyon

The helicopter tour flies over the Hoover Dam, Lake Mead, and the Grand Canyon, and stops inside of the Grand Canyon for 30 minutes so you can get out and explore a little bit.  The flight takes about 45 minutes, and there is a prerecorded voice over of a tour guide explaining different towns and areas that you fly over.  We couldn’t really hear the voice over coming through the headsets because the volume was too low, but our pilot did a great job as explaining all of the different areas himself.

Hoover Da
The Hoover Dam

When we got into the Grand Canyon, our pilot parked us down and we were able to get out and walk down a small path that looked out into the Canyon.  The tour package we had also came with a small picnic, which the pilot set up for us to eat after we checked the Grand Canyon out a bit.  I was honestly more interested in checking out the Canyon than I was the food, so I spent at least 25 minutes just wandering around, taking pictures, and seeing everything.

Grand Canyon National Park
Flying into Grand Canyon National Park

I was amazed at how quiet it is inside the Grand Canyon.  You seriously can’t hear anything.  I wasn’t even that far away from other people and couldn’t hear anyone else talking.

Grand Canyon National Park
Grand Canyon National Park

The one sound you notice when you are walking inside the Grand Canyon is walking on all the rocks, it sounds like glass pieces hitting each other.  I seriously would not want to trip and fall on those rocks.  They are pretty sharp and bumpy, and just walking on top of them sound like they would seriously hurt!  But it was really the only thing you could hear, and was really quite a pretty sound.

Grand Canyon National Park

After I finished taking a bunch of pictures, and picked out a few rocks as souvenirs, Brian and I made our way up to the picnic table to see what type of food was brought for the picnic.  Each of us got our own little woven basket that contained a croissant, yogurt, granola, a granola bar, a cookie, water, and orange juice.  The pilot even brought a bottle of champagne for us to drink, so we all made mimosas out of it!


Grand Canyon National Park
Grand Canyon National Park

Brian and I only had a couple of minutes to eat what we wanted, and then we all had to pack up and get back into the helicopter to make our way back to Sundance.  On the way back my dad, Brian and I all sat in the back of the helicopter, while my mom and aunt sat in the front.  I made sure to sit on the side of the helicopter this time instead, that way I could try to get better pictures on the flight back.

Lake Mead
The Colorado River flowing into Lake Mead

We arrived back at Sundance around 9:30 am, where we met up with a limo driver to take us back to our hotel.  Brian and I were amazed at how early it still was and were like we could go to brunch if we wanted, but instead opted to walk around a few areas in Vegas instead.  If you are going to Vegas and are interested in doing a tour of the Grand Canyon I would highly recommend using Sundance as your tour guide!  I plan to create a couple of separate photo diaries for this tour over the next few days since I have way too many photos to put up on this post, so stay tuned to see more of my trip to the Grand Canyon!




4 thoughts

  1. This looks incredible! How magical to be able to see the Grand Canyon from above in a helicopter ride like this one. I’ve never been there myself but my husband and my parents all say that it’s probably the most breathtaking place they’ve ever seen so I absolutely must make a trip there and am totally going to look at doing a helicopter ride if I do!

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    1. Yout totally should! I had never been before this trip and it was amazing! I’m glad that I at least got to see it, and kind of know what it’s like now, and I’m hoping I can plan a trip to Arizona so I can see more of it and the other parks in Arizona as well!

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