Las Vegas: Day 2

My second full day in Las Vegas was absolutely filled with events.  There were so many events, that I posted the start of my Saturday morning separately, which was taking a Sundance Helicopter Tour of the Grand Canyon.  Going to the Grand Canyon was an amzing way to start off our Saturday morning, and by the time we got back it was only 9:30 am, so we had all the time on our hands! Well at least until 5 pm we did!

Grand Canyon National Park

So after our helicopter tour of the Grand Canyon, Brian and I decided to walk around a little bit and check out some of the other hotels or casinos we hadn’t walked past yet.  We decided to walk over towards Caesar’s Palace to check out that side of the road.  In order to get there we had to use one of the many pedestrian bridges that go over Las Vegas Boulevard.  Just as we started walking up the stairs, Brian noticed that someone outside of the Flamingo Casino was asking people if they wanted to screen a TV show for money.  Brian had done one of these once before on his last trip to Vegas and said it was pretty cool because it gave you a little bit of extra cash.

The Linq Promenade and High Roller


We pondered on the steps for a minute and I was like well it’s not like were doing anything right now wanna do it?  So we did.  We filled out the information sheet and someone escorted us to the Bally’s Hotel & Casino, which is where the screening was held.  The show we were screening was for “The Biggest Loser,” and it was of the upcoming season premiere episode.  The show was around 80 minutes long, and then we had to answer some questions after that, which took about 25 minutes.  In the end we each got paid $35 (so much right?).  The paid out amount for a screening is different for each show.  The guy that escorted us said that sometimes the pay is only $15 and other shows are more than $35, it really all depends.  Even though $35 isn’t really a lot, it gave us a little more to gamble around with that night.

Preview Center for TV show screenings in Las Vegas

After the screening, we made our way back to where we originally started from, and headed over the Caesar’s Palace.  We walked through there and through a couple of other places before deciding to head back to our hotel room and get ready for the night.  My parents made dinner reservations at Fiamma Trattorio & Bar, a nice Italian restaurant located in MGM.  While we were waiting for my parents and aunt to show up, Brian and I sat at a Willy Wonka penny slot and I put in the $5 bill I received from the show screening.  I lost it all but 30 cents and was trying to figure out what to do with that 30 cents when I was like I’ll just throw a dollar into the machine.  I threw a dollar in and I just started getting golden tickets left and right.  I seriously don’t understand how some of these machines work, but I started winning, and cashed out at $11.70, which was almost double what I started with (I know I’m such a high roller right?).  I mainly decided to cash out because I didn’t want to get stuck in another 10 minute round of continuous golden tickets, since I knew my family was going to be showing up for dinner anytime soon.

Luxor Blue Man Group Las Vegas

From dinner, we also all had tickets to go and see the Blue Men Group in Luxor, so Brian and I decided to just get ready for the night before dinner, that way we could just go out and do whatever after the Blue Man Group.  I had never been to the Blue Man Group before, and it was honestly one of the best shows I think I have ever seen.  It’s music and comedy all mixed into one show.  Our seats were in the second row from the front, which my Dad was complaining about at first, but I think he actually ended up enjoying being there.  There were a few times that the Blue Men ran out into the audience, and one of them always came up and stood on top of the seat right in front of my Dad, and one time he even started stepping through the seats and stepped right over him!

Blue Man Group Las Vegas

There were a few parts in the show that had me laughing so hard that I even started crying!  It was that funny!  My favorite part was when they each had a box of Captain Crunch, and one of the Blue Men covered his face in cereal, and one of the others just kept pointing to different areas of his face with the gesture of “Hey you’ve got something there.”  The one with the cereal all over his face just kept brushing off one or two pieces at a time and eventually the other one just gave up, because there was just so much Captain Crunch stuck to his face!  It probably doesn’t sound as funny as it was, but I seriously thought it was hilarious.

Blue Man Group Las Vegas

Blue Man Group Las Vegas

After the show the Blue Man Group went out in to the auditorium area so people could take pictures with them.  I had my dad take a picture of me with one of the Blue Men, and as I was getting ready to walk away he started playing with my hair!  It was the strangest thing, and as I walked away my hair sorta just flowed through his fingers.  It was so bizarre, but strangely awesome at the same time!

Blur Man Group Las Vegas

This is where Brian and I parted ways with my parents and my aunt, and went off to do our own thing.  On our way back, we stopped at the Bellagio to see the water show. We watched it twice actually. We started off watching it from the patio/garden area near the entrance to the Bellagio.  After this water show we walked back to the side walk along the strip, and were getting close to passing all of the water when we realized it was almost time for the water show to start again.  So we decided to stop and watch it again from another angle instead!

Water Show at the Bellagio

Water Show at the Bellagio

After the water shows, we decided to make the High Roller our next stop.  The High Roller was another item that was on my 5 Things to do in Vegas list.  On the High Roller, you can either purchase tickets for a normal pod or if you are 21+ you can purchase tickets that include an open bar.  Naturally we opted for the open bar tickets, which were $52 each.  You can purchase tickets ahead of time online that are $10 cheaper, but we just decided to go forward and buy them there since money wasn’t really a big deal to either of us at the time.

For those of you that don’t know, the High Roller is the largest Ferris Wheel in the world.  The High Roller is a 30 minutes ride, it take 15 minutes to get to it’s highest point and 15 minutes to get back down.  When you are up there you can see the entire strip.  We were even able to watch the water show in front of the Bellagio from up there as well!

View from The High Roller at the Linq

As we were walking back down the Linq Promenade, Brian noticed there was a bowling alley and decided we should go bowling.  So we did.  There was a live band playing in the bar area, with a dance floor, and then the bowling alley was located a level higher, with an area where you could look out onto the band if you wanted!   There were also TV screens at the end of the lanes that showed the band playing as well.  After 3 rounds of bowling, we decided it was finally time to start some gambling.

The High Roller at the Linq

At this point my $35 dollars from the screen had turned into $40, so I decided to use that $40 on Black Jack.  I honestly don’t really understand Black Jack other than the fact that you want to beat the dealer and the goal is to get as close to 21 as you can.  The first dealer we had that night was really cool.  He would tell us when we should split our cards, or when he thought we should double our cards, and it was really helpful!  And then the dealers swapped out, and we had another lady who wasn’t nearly as helpful.  In the end, I walked away with $130 instead of $40, so I would say that is a win!  After Black Jack Brian played Roulette a little before we decided to call it a night.

The Linq Promenade and the High Roller

Saturday was probably our busiest day events wise out of all of the days we spent in Vegas.  I didn’t want to stay up too late Saturday night because I wanted to make sure I got enough sleep for the Rock N Roll Half Marathon the next day, and we had already had a really busy day!  And by I didn’t want to stay up too late, I really mean we probably stayed up til like 2 am and then decided to call it a night gambling.  But I figure, 2 am in Vegas is a pretty early time to call it quits!

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