The Time Chamber – Daria Song

In the past year or so, adult-coloring books has become a new craze. I remember last year around this time, a lot of my friends were buying books like the Secret Garden and were ranting and raving on how awesome all the coloring books for adults were. I always wanted to get one, but never actually did until a couple of weeks ago.

I ordered a book called The Time Chamber, which was created by the author and illustrator Daria Song. The Time Chamber is actually a second book in Daria Song’s illustrative series of a little red-haired fairy. The first book is called The Time Garden, which has a story of a little girl going through a wonderland adventure in the cuckoo clock that the red-haired fairy lives in, and is a best seller internationally. In the second book, the one I ordered, the little red-haired fairy ventures out into the little girls room and has an adventure of her own while the little girl sleeps.

The Time Chamber - Daria Song

Daria Song does an absolutely amazing job illustrating the red-haired fairies adventures. All of the pages and patterns are so beautiful and delicate. The fine line work allows you to stay busy for hours coloring too. I love this factor because some nights I just like to sit down and relax and it’s nice to be able to take my time filling in all the small details. I’ve been working on the first page for about a week off and on, and I almost have half of it done.

The Time Chamber - Daria Song

Each page of the story is printed on a two-page spread, which is nice because it gives you a nice detailed layout to work on instead of the pages being different like you would typically see in a kids coloring book. The only downside to the two-page spread though is dealing with the crease. It would be nice if these types of coloring books were more like the way a sketch book’s bind is. But oh well, it is what it is! And this book is seriously so pretty that this downside almost doesn’t even matter.

The Time Chamber - Daria Song

Since The Time Chamber is illustrated based on the view of the little red-haired fairy, everything found in the human world has such brilliant patterns. Because she is so little, she is able to see how detailed the human world is, whereas we are so big that we tend to overlook how intricate items and areas we have or live in can really be. The book even states, “Whatever the fairy touched, no matter how mundane, turned into something beautiful and mysterious.” I absolutely love that line.

The Time Chamber - Daria Song

I’m really glad I ordered this book, and with the holiday season upon us I just might have to order The Time Garden and The Time Chamber for a few members of my family and friends that would really enjoy this book!

If you are interested in checking this book out more, you can go here to download a few pages from The Time Garden so you can see for yourself just how delicate, detailed, and beautiful Daria Song’s work really is!  For any bloggers that are interested, I received this book from Blogging for Books for this review, so if you are an avid reader like me, you should totally check Blogging for Books out!

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