Throwback Thursday: Rock N Roll Half Marathon – San Antonio, Texas

In honor of the San Antonio Rock N Roll Marathon and Half Marathon this upcoming weekend, I am going to do a throwback of the San Antonio Rock N Roll Half Marathon I competed in last year with my friend Shannon and her boyfriend TJ.  Shannon and TJ will be running in the Rock N Roll Marathon this Sunday, December 6th, and it will be Shannon’s first marathon!  I met Shannon during a week long trip to Catalina Island for a class through the University of Southern California.  Not long after our trip, she posted on Facebook how she signed up for her first half marathon, which would be the Rock N Roll San Antonio Half Marathon.  I saw her post and commented “I am so tempted to sign up for this,” and then she told me I should, so I did!

Shannon lives in Dallas, so I flew into Dallas on a Friday and took the train that goes from DFW airport, through the downtown area, and continues on to somewhere (obviously haha) but I got off at a station after the downtown area that was just down the road from her apartment.  I walked to her apartment to meet her and her boyfriend there.  That night the two of them took me out all over Dallas to see some of the different places they like to go.  Our first stop was dinner, and we went to a restaurant (which I don’t remember the name of) that is owned by a country singer and all the meat served there was local meat.  I decided to get a steak, because that’s what you do in Texas, and was instantly judged by our waiter.  First off, I didn’t order a drink, so he judged me on that.  Second, I ordered my steak well-done, which apparently you just shouldn’t do in Texas, because they seriously will judge you.  TJ had to jump in and say that I was a “yankee” and not from around there.  I didn’t really think of it before ordering either, I just like the taste of steak when it’s been on the grill a little longer, that and it grosses me out when it seems like the steak is still mooing (aka bleeding).

But, I did eat the whole steak, and it was a huge steak too.  When the waiter came back, TJ said something to him about how for a yankee I put down the steak pretty well, and the waiter was basically just like yeah she did, I can forgive you for ordering it well done.  After dinner, we drove around Dallas a little bit, we passed where JFK was shot, looked at some of the weird sculptures in downtown Dallas (one was just this HUGE creepy eyeball), and stopped at a couple different bars before calling it a night.

The River Walk, San Antonio

The next day, the three of us set off to San Antonio.  It was about a 4 hour drive, something I’m not really used to, but is completely normal to them.  Once in San Antonio, we had to go and pick up our race packets, so we went down to the convention center, grabbed those, and then made our was to the River Walk.  The River Walk was really nice, there are lots of stores and restaurants you can stop at along the River Walk, or you can take a boat ride along the river.  It was seriously really pretty.  That night, they also had hundreds of little white paper bags lined along the river that they lit up for a certain cause.  We grabbed dinner at an Italian restaurant (you know to carb up) that was on the River Walk, and then just walked around and checked out some stores, and then walked around the area around the Alamo afterwards.

Sunday morning was the day of the Rock N Roll San Antonio Marathon and Half Marathon.  The three of us were all doing the Half Marathon, but the Marathon and Half Marathon both started at the same time.  I was still in pretty rough shape from marathon training that fall, and honestly only ran a couple of times after my marathon attempt at the end of October until then.  During the 5 weeks between the Cape Cod Marathon and the Rock N Roll Half Marathon, I had a ton of school work and was working a lot of overtime, so it was really hard to try and get out for a run, especially with it getting darker at night.  Shannon, TJ, and I all stayed together for the first few miles, but then Shannon and I were going too slow for the pace TJ needed to go to not hurt his knees, so he started running more ahead of us.  Shannon and I stayed together for awhile after that, but then my knees started killing me and I had to slow down a lot because of it, and ended up telling her I’d just meet her at the end.  My body seriously hated me from trying to run a half marathon only a few weeks after my training for a marathon ended.

San Antonio Rock N Roll Half Marathon

The course for the San Antonio Rock N Roll Half Marathon was pretty nice, it was mostly flat, with the exception of one big hill that went past a college in San Antonio.  The course also ran past other sites like the Alamo, which was pretty cool.  There was this one guy along the side lines that was dressed up as the guy from Mario Kart that holds the sign at the beginning of the races in Mario Kart.  It was seriously the funniest costume I’ve ever seen at a race, even though he wasn’t actually participating!

I finished the race with a time of 2:36:42.  This is the slowest half marathon time I have ever ended up with, but considering how bad of shape I was in , I was totally ok with it.  The main reason I went to this race was to try to support Shannon in her first half marathon, and to go to Texas since I had never been before.  Texas is a really cool state, and I’d love to go back someday for a bit of a longer trip, especially since the state is so big.  After the race we drove back to Dallas, and I caught a flight on Monday morning back home.

If you ever fly out of Dallas, before you get to the airport make sure you check which airport you are actually flying out off.  I arrived at DFW airport, which is the airport I would have flown back from, but I had to purchase an earlier flight back home because I had a doctor’s appointment I needed to go to Tuesday morning, and if I had stuck with that flight I wouldn’t have gotten into Hartford until 1am the next day, and was afraid of getting delayed.  So I booked a different return flight, but it turns out this flight was going out of Dallas Love Field.  I had taken the train from Shannon’s apartment, all the way to DFW before I realized this, and then started freaking out because I thought I was going to miss my flight since I was at the wrong airport.  I called Shannon about it because I panicked, and she told me to wait there and that she’d come to pick me up.  I don’t know why I didn’t just get an Uber, because I would have made it to Dallas Love Field quicker that way, but I waited and she graciously picked me up and drove me to the other airport.

I got to Dallas Love Field, printed out my ticket, was the only one going through security at the time, and sprinted to my gate, which luckily was one of the first ones in the Terminal.  I got there just as everyone had started boarding the plane and basically walked right on.  Someone near me mentioned their crazy ride into the airport or something, and I was just like well I went to DFW first and made it here just in time, and this one old lady thought it was absolutely amazing that I made it there in time.  But yeah, so needless to say, from now on I always make sure I am headed to the right airport now before I actually leave to catch a plane!

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