Thompson Speedway 5k – Thompson, CT

A couple weeks ago my neighbor, Julie, mentioned to me that her dad was participating in the Thompson Speedway Half Marathon on December 6th, and asked if I would be interested in doing the Thompson Speedway 5k with her.  She said it should be a flat and fast 5k, so I was in for it.  We were able to talk her son, Hayden, and my dad into joining us for the 5k, and our friends Jose and Lily to do the half marathon.

Thompson Speedway Half Marathon

Julie’s dad is 72, and has been a runner for years and years, so he is a rather conditioned runner.  Once we knew Jose was definitely signed up for the half, all of us sorta started placing side bets, and we all thought Julie’s dad would come in before Jose.  The half marathon began at 9 am, and it was a little chilly around that time, but the sun was out which made it feel a little warmer.  The 5k began at 9:30 am, so the four of us were able to watch the three half marathoner’s start off.  By the time the races ended it was closer to 50 degrees out, which was pretty perfect.

Thompson Speedway Half Marathon

The half marathon started off doing a loop around the Speedway track, and then went out onto the road, and ended by coming back into the track and going around a portion of it before coming to the end.  Julie’s dad came in around 2:09, Jose came in around 2:12, and Lily came in around 2:14.  When Jose came in he said he was trying really hard to catch up to her dad, but that he just couldn’t catch up.


Since the 5k began at 9:30, the four of us running the 5k were able to do it and have plenty of time to spare to wait and watch the half marathoner’s come in.  I’m still feeling sick so I kinda just did what I could, but this race was Hayden’s first official 5k and he placed first in his age group, and my dad and Julie both PR’d on their times.  Julie got a 28:03 and my dad got a 29:37.  Hayden came in at 26:59, and I didn’t come in until 31:11.  I really wish that I wasn’t sick because this would have been a great race to PR in.  But even so, I still came in 2nd in my age group, and Julie came in 2nd in her age group as well.

The 5k course went around the Speedway track 2 times.  Going around the whole speedway once is just over 1.5 miles, and actually wasn’t as boring to do as you would think.

Thompson Speedway 5k

My dad, Julie, and I were all talking about how much our race times have improved from the spring to now after the race.  In the spring we were all around a 35 minute 5k, which was pretty bad for all of us.  But now all of us have shaved of at least 5 minutes from our times.  I’m hoping this winter isn’t as bad as last winter was with the cold and the snow so that I can actually get out running more often so I can maintain the pace I am currently at.  This is a race I would definitely do again, and most likely will sign up for again next fall unless I get talked into doing the half marathon instead!

Thompson Speedway 5k

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