A birthday in Boston

Friday night, three of my best friends and I went up to Boston for the night as a pre-birthday celebration for me.  My birthday is on Christmas Eve, so it’s hard to ever actually go out and do something for my birthday on my birthday.  I had never gone out in Boston before, and thought it would be a lot of fun to go up and spend a night there, especially right before Christmas with all of the lights and decorations everywhere.  So my friends Renee, Rylee, and Lydia and I all shipped up to Boston and stayed at the Marriott Long Wharf.

Boston Aquarium
View of the Boston Aquarium from our hotel room

The Marriott Long Wharf is a really nice hotel, located right on the harbor in between the Boston Aquarium and Christopher Columbus Park, and is also right across the street from Quincy Market/Fanieul Hall.  The arches in Christopher Columbus Park were all light up and looked wicked pretty.  After the four of us finished getting ready, we went outside and tried to be cute and take pictures in front of one of the arches, but it was too dark out to really even see us in the picture.

Christopher Columbus Park - Boston, MA

After our semi-failed attempt at taking pictures, we walked across the street to Quincy Market to grab a drink and some food before making our next move.  On our way to get food, we got distracted by the tree in Quincy Market and all the other lights and decided to try taking pictures before getting food here too.

Quincy Market - Boston MA


We decided to go to Cheers for food and drinks, and while there tried to make a game plan for the night.  My friend Joe was also out in Boston, and while we were at Cheers suggested we meet up with him at Hurricane O’Reilly’s, which was about a half mile walk from where we were.  It was a bit windy out, making the walk there seem much colder than it really was, but it really wasn’t bad.  We walked past/through the Holocaust Memorial on our way there, which is definitely a site to see if you ever find yourself in Boston.

We got to Hurricane O’Reilly’s and stayed there for a bit.  It wasn’t super crowded, but was still pretty lively.  This one guy was wearing an ugly sweater that lite up and randomly came over to us at one point and goes “Ladies!” and Renee just goes “I don’t hate it!”  These other 2 guys at the bar also kept dancing up a storm and had all the moves.  Rylee and I strategically placed ourselves near one part of the bar just so we could watch the two of them dance because it was so entertaining.  I’m not a huge drinker, and especially not as much of one now since my kidney donation surgery last year, but somehow managed to have 2 Angry Orchards there and 3 shots.  I never do shots, ever.  Luckily, the shots I did at Hurricane weren’t terrible.  One was of peppermint schnapps, which is easy enough.  The other 2 were called a cinnamon toast crunch, and all I know is that there was Fireball in them.  There was another girl in the group of people Joe was out with that was actually celebrating her birthday that night, so she made me take one of those shots with her.

Pour House - Boston MA

Shortly after taking midnight shots, all of us got into a taxi and headed to Pour House.  The four of us literally had no clue where we were going, everyone started making moves to go to the next bar, and Joe just goes “Get in the cab.”  So off we went.  Pour House was totally on the opposite end of Boston compared to where we originally started off, but it was actually a really cool bar.  Renee, Rylee, Lydia and I all decided to just stay there the rest of the night rather than try and find another bar somewhere closer to our hotel.  Once we got to Pour House, I was feeling pretty good, so I opted to start off on water because I knew I would regret it the next day if I didn’t.  After having some water, I got another cider, and after trying to drink it for a little I realized I just couldn’t drink more that night otherwise I would seriously regret it.

Quincy Market - Boston MA

We took an Uber back to the Marriott Long Wharf, and our driver was super nice.  My Uber app pinpointed me a couple streets over from where we actually were for some reason, so she texted me asking where we were and I was like oh where here, and then was like wait I lied we are actually over here.  She was super nice about it and didn’t seem to mind the confusion, and she was definitely entertained listening the Renee and Rylee’s stories.

The next morning we really wanted to wake up and go swimming in the hotel pool, because the whole reason I booked this hotel was because it had a pool since Renee wanted to swim.  But then by the morning we were all so tired, that we just didn’t get up til way late and checked out right at check out, which was at noon.  In all though, it was a really fun night, and pretty much exactly what I was looking for.  I didn’t want anything too crazy, and the two bars we went to were lively but weren’t super crowded, which was the perfect combination.  It was definitely a good start to the beginning of my soon-to-be 23rd year!

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