Updated RTW Trip Itinerary

Updated RTW Trip Itinerary

After doing a lot of research on different areas and costs of flights and time constraints, I have come up with an updated itinerary for my round the world trip. Many of the areas have stayed the same, but quite a few have also changed. I originally wanted to fit Ireland, England, and Scotland into this trip, but ended up having to drop the 3 of those and plan to explore those three countries, along with Wales, for a few weeks when I go to see Harry Potter and the Cursed Child in April 2017. I also originally planned to go to Poland for a week, but since my friends will not being going now, I no longer plan to spend an entire week there.

In my post, Where should I go?, I came up with 2 potential options of how I could spend my two week period in between leaving Bali and arriving in Naples, Italy. After much consideration and research, I decided to go with Option 2. The second option had me going from Bali to Singapore, then to Bangkok, and then to Europe. From this option though I have omitted Singapore, and plan to just fly straight to Bangkok from Bali and then to Europe from Bangkok.

Another change I made from my initial RTW itinerary is the addition of visiting Morocco. I plan to visit Morocco for a week at the end of my trip before I fly back home to the States. One of my good friends from college is currently in the Peace Corps based in Morocco, so I decided while I’m already out exploring the world, I might as well go and visit her in Morocco. This adds on another continent I will be visiting as well. Before my continent count for my trip was going to be 4 continents, however with the addition of Morocco I will now be visiting 5!

See my updated RTW trip itinerary below!

May 1-14 – Merida, Mexico
May 15-17 – Massachusetts (may change to staying elsewhere versus coming home for a couple of days, but I am not sure on this yet)
May 18-28 – Hawaii
May 29-June 3 – Brisbane, Australia
June 4-18 – Fiji
June 19-July 16 – Bali, Indonesia
July 17-18 – Bangkok, Thailand
July 19 – Fly to Europe – Either Hamburg or Berlin Germany, or Budapest Hungary
From July 19th to the 30th I plan to either train travel around Eastern Europe or Northern Europe, I have yet to decide which of the two
July 31-August 27 – Naples, Italy
August 28-September 10 – Travel around Italy and Greece
September 11-16 – Morocco

From Morocco, I plan to fly back to a country in Europe before flying home to the States. I haven’t looked into which country to fly to from Morocco yet, but I am going to attempt to find the cheapest route home via Europe versus Morocco. I will spend a day in the city I fly to from Morocco to stretch out my legs before taking the big leap back home, across the Atlantic.

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  1. Hello! I would like to give you some tips:

    If you are into beaches, you should also visit Boracay (ultimate party beach)/Palawan (UNESCO) in Philippines. Furthermore, there are cheap flights to Europe (Italy/Greece) from Manila via Turkish Airlines which you can get below 500 eur. If you will use Turkish Airlines, you will have a layover in Istanbul and Ataturk Airport offers free city tour for layover passengers.

    Budapest is a wonderful city and it is cheaper compared to Germany. The view of the Parliament especially in the evening will steal your heart.

    If you are on a tight budget, it is better to travel around Eastern Europe but if you decided to visit the Northern Europe, I recommend you to visit St. Petersburg, Russia as well because St. Peter Line offers free 72 hours Russian visa. Also, I recommend you to do a mix of bus/plane/train when travelling around EU to save money and time.

    There is not so much to see in Napoli. Only their pizza is a must see/do there. But if you still plan to fly to Napoli, I highly recommend you to do a daytrip to Amalfi and Pompeii then go to Rome or tour around southern Italy.

    The most convenient way to travel around Italy will be via Italo train but be on the lookout for buses (like megabus) which offers 1eur ride (example: Rome-Milan or Rome to Venice, etc). However, you should book it early. On the other hand, I highly recommend Bologna because the best Italian cuisine can be found there.

    I don’t recommend the boat trips from Italy to Greece vice versa, it is better to fly because it is cheaper and faster.

    The cheapest country to fly to/from Morocco will be Spain, specifically in Barcelona. One way flight to Nador/Fes will costs at least 25 eur. If you are flying to Marakeech, the flight will costs at least 100 eur, If you will from Italy, flights will cost at least 50 eur to lesser known cities.

    That’s all.

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    1. thanks for your tips! Im doing a volunteer program in Naples for 4 weeks which is why Ill be spending so much time there but I have weekends off so I plan on doing weekend trips to Rome, Pompeii and the Amalfi Coast. A lot of other areas Ill be in Im doing volunteer programs in too which is why I only have a certain amount of time in between certain weeks to travel to other places, Id love to go to the Philippines but I dont think theres a way to fit it in. I figure if I like the few areas in SEA that I will be going to I will just make a seperate trip to SEA in the future and fit in all the other cities and countries Id like to go to. Thanks for the tip on the Megabus tickets also, Im definitely going to look into that!


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