Looking Back: 13 places I visited in 2015

With the New Year creeping upon us, I thought I would take a look back on 13 places I visited in 2015.  I started off the year not being able to do much do to surgery, and it wasn’t until March that I was finally feeling closer to 100% and started actually going out and seeing my friends and doing stuff again.  Check out the 13 places I visited this year! (In order of when I went.)

1. Nashua, NH – I spent quite a few weekends up in Nashua over the springtime.  One of my friends had recently moved there and I went up to visit him quiet a bit.  His apartment was located right in Downtown Nashua, which has a lot of great restaurants, bars, and shops, and was also located next to Mines Fall Park.  Mines Fall Park is a really nice park that you can walk, run and bike in, and there are numerous races held here throughout the year.  Mines Fall Park also has loads of turtles, swans, ducks, and other aquatic animals you can find just hanging out.

Wildlife in Mine Falls Park, Nashua NH

2. Boston, MA – I spent a few different weekends in Boston over the past year – which is many more trips I’ve taken before to Boston.  I don’t know why I never went up to Boston more often, but Boston is such a great city to walk around, catch a show, or watch a Red Sox game at.  It is even super pretty to walk around during the holidays!

Fenway Park - Boston MA

Boston Common - Boston MA

3. Newport, RI – I had only been to Newport twice before going this year, once when I was really young, and once as a field trip to the mansions in high school.  I found a 5k/beer fest located at Fort Adams that my friend Julie and I went to.  We only spent the day in Newport, and tried to go to the Cliff Walk in Newport while we were out there, but it was mid-summer in the middle of the day and there was no way we were about to get parking.  So instead after the race and our failed attempt at the Cliff Walk, we just drove around the downtown area of Newport and drove by all of the mansions.

4. Cape Cod, MA – I went to Cape Cod several times over the year, as my parents own a house in Falmouth.  The Cape is a very popular summer destination, and is typically crowed with tourists between Memorial Day and Labor Day.  The main trip I took out here over the summer though was for the Falmouth Road Race weekend.  The Cape is a peninsula, so if going to the beach is your thing, you should definitely check out Cape Cod!

Chapin Beach, Cape Cod, Dennis, MA

5. Martha’s Vineyard, MA – Along with Cape Cod comes two well-known islands, Martha’s Vineyard and Nantucket.  I finally got a chance to go to Martha’s Vineyard for the first time this year, and although it was a short day trip, it was still a blast.  My friends Julie and Dan hopped onto the ferry with me, our bikes in tow, and had lunch, biked around the island, and stopped off at the beach before catching the ferry back to Woods Hole in Cape Cod.

Martha's Vineyard

6. Nantucket, MA – The week after going to Martha’s Vineyard and the Cape, I had the pleasure of going back out to the Cape in order to spend a day on Nantucket with my friends Renee and Rylee.  Our friend Rick lives on Nantucket and works as a police officer, so the three of us made a trip out to visit him.  We spent all day at the beach, went out to the bars at night, and got up the next morning and went to the beach again before heading back to the ferry to take us home.

Nantucker, MA

Nobadeer Beach, Nantucket, MA

7. Lanesborough, MA – To be completely honest, there isn’t much to the town of Lanesborough.  It is a town all the way to the western side of Massachusetts near the New York border.  However, there is a really awesome ropes course located in Lanesborough that anyone visiting Massachusetts should check out.  My family and I spend a day at this ropes course and had a blast.  I overheard one family talking about it saying how this course was much better and tougher than any other courses they’d tried, most being in Europe!

8. Mt. Monadnock – Did you know the most climbed mountain in the United States, and one of the top climbed mountains in the world is located in a small town called Jaffery, NH?  Yeah, I didn’t either until I heard my coworker talk about it over the summer and I realized I just had to go and hike it.  Julie, her son Hayden, and I went up Labor Day weekend and spent a day climbing to the summit of Mt. Monadnock.

Climbing Mt Monadnock

Mount Monadnock, Jaffery, NH

9. Brattleboro, VT – During our Labor Day trip, we stayed overnight in Brattleboro, which is a small city located on the Connecticut River and borders NH.  It is very earthy-crunchy, but has a lot of really neat shops and restaurants in its downtown area.  There are also a lot of cool hiking places right next to Brattleboro, one being Madame Sherri’s Forest.


10. Las Vegas, NV – I took my first ever trip to Las Vegas this year to run in my third half marathon.  Las Vegas is seriously a place like no other, whether you plan to drink, gamble, party, or just go out for a hike, there is something to do for any type of person.

Slotzilla, Downtown Las Vegas

Rock N Roll Las Vegas Half Marathon

11. Grand Canyon, AZ – Even though my trip to the Grand Canyon was brief (30 minutes), it was still amazing to see!  I can’t wait to go back someday when I have more time to explore it!

Grand Canyon National Park

Grand Canyon National Park

12. The Greater Las Vegas Area – Not only did I take my first trip to Vegas this year, I took my second trip as well.  However on my second trip, we decided to steer away from the strip and focused more on hiking outside of Las Vegas.  On my second trip to Vegas, I was able to visit The Valley of Fire State Park and Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area.  Both of these parks had amazing hiking and views, and I can’t wait to go back again sometime to explore them both even further!

The Fire Wave - Valley of Fire

Red Rock Canyon

13. North Shore, MA – This fall I finally had a chance to make my way up to Salem, MA for the first time and see it in all its pre-Halloween glory.  I had never been to this part of the state before this fall, and had the pleasure of checking out Marblehead and Ipswich as well!

Sunset over Marblehead skyline from Chandler Hovery Park, Marblehead, MA

Crane Beach - Ipswich, MA

Although I didn’t do a lot of traveling outside on New England this year, I was able to visit many areas of New England that I had never visited before, or hadn’t visited in a really long time.  Even though it doesn’t seem like much, I feel like I was constantly on the go this year finding new things to do and new places to see and am really happy with how much I managed to squeeze into 9 months of the 2015 year!


13 Places I visited in 2015

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