NHL Winter Classic

Yesterday, the Boston Bruins faced the Montreal Canadiens in the NHL Winter Classic.  This year the NHL Winter Classic was held at Gillette Stadium in Foxborough, Massachusetts – home to the New England Patriots.  The NHL Winter Classic is an annual hockey event that takes place on New Years Day and is typically held in either a football or baseball stadium.

NHL Winter Classic - Boston Bruins vs Montreal Canadiens

On New Years Eve, I was heading to my best friend Renee’s house to go out with her for the night, and on my way there she texted me saying, “What are you doing tomorrow at 1, we could buy tickets to go watch the Bruins play at Gillette and I think we should go.”  Typically on New Years Day I go out with my family to a restaurant in Rhode Island called Wrights Chicken Farm, and mentioned that, but then the more I thought about it the more I was like, wait we really should just go.

So when I arrived at her house we looked up the tickets again and basically were just like, “Screw it, we’re doing it.”  Renee lives 10 minutes from the stadium, so at that point we figured we definitely should go, even though neither of us really follows hockey much.  We were able to get really good seats too.  When we looked up tickets, they had some in the 300’s sections that were around $320, which is the nosebleeds, but then just under that for like $335 we could get seats in section 141 – which is the lower end zone section.  So naturally we were like well we might at well get the good seats since were already dropping this much money anyways.


I had never been to a game or any event at Gillette Stadium and I had also never been to an NHL hockey game before either.  So with the NHL Winter Classic I was able to kill two birds with one stone.  We got to Patriots Place around 10:30 am and decided to just walk around a bunch of the parking lots to check out the different tailgaters.  Around 12:30 we headed into Gillette Stadium and tried to figure out where our seats were.


Our whole plan for the game was to try and make friends with everyone sitting around us, since neither of us really knew what would be going on with the game.  We got to our seats, and our seats were seriously so good.  We could see the rink perfectly, and were also able to see one of the jumbo screens head on as well, versus watching it from an angle.  And we made so many new friends.  There was a kid and two of his friends sitting right next to us that were actually repping for Montreal, all of who we really nice.  And then there was a group of 4 guys in front of us, who Renee and I figured had to be cops or in the military because they just looked that way.  We were right, one was a cop, one was in the Airforce, and two were firefighters.  For the second half of the game they kept joking around with us and we were all just having a good time.  Then there was a group of older guys behind us that took Renee and I too their fancy and kept offering to buy us drinks, so we were like ok we’re not about to turn down free drinks – especially when they were going for $12 a drink in the stadium.  And then towards the end of the third period, an older guy that was sitting in from of the 4 guys in front of us was definitely getting amused listening to our conversation with them and randomly just threw us some hand warmer packets he had.  So many new friends.


The weather for the Winter Classic was actually pretty nice, it was a little chilly, but it definitely could have been worse.  At the end of the game it even started snowing a little bit, which was kind of exciting.  Sadly, the Bruins lost with them only scoring 1 goal, and Montreal scoring 5.  Renee and I obviously wanted the Bruins to win, but because we aren’t such die hard fans we weren’t upset that they lost even though pretty much everyone else around us was.  Renee and I were just there to have a good time, which is exactly what we had.  I couldn’t have started off 2016 any better.  This years NHL Winter Classic is something I am going to remember forever and I couldn’t tell you the last time I laughed so much in such a short period of time.




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      1. Yeah, we are pretty fanatic about our teams, especially when we play the Canadiens! It’s a once (or maybe twice) in a lifetime opportunity since they don’t play outdoors in this area every year so I am glad you got to experience it and I am glad you got to blog about it! It’s funny how we were in the same area around the same time. We will have to plan better next time!

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