Races in 2016

Races in 2016

One year ends and another begins, and with the New Year comes new races. I am already signed up for several races in 2016, a few are in states I have yet to race in – which will help me get that much closer to finishing my Run 50 States bucket list challenge. I’m excited to see what types of races I can accomplish this year and what other states I can continue to cross off of my list!

January 24 – The Hot Chocolate Run 15k – Atlanta, Georgia
March 12 – Rugged Maniac – Mount Pleasant, South Carolina
May 22 – Honolulu Ekiden Marathon Relay – Honolulu, Hawaii
September 24 – Rugged Maniac – Southwick, Massachusetts
October 30 – Rock N Roll Half Marathon – Merida, Mexico
November 13 – Rock N Roll Half Marathon – Las Vegas, Nevada

The races above that are bold are races I am already signed up for. The other three I am currently planning to try and do, but have not officially signed up for yet. I also just signed up to to run 2016 miles in 2016 with my friend Jenni through Run The Year 2016. You can either run as an individual, a duo, or as a team to reach the 2016 miles.

I’m sure I will end up squeezing in plenty of other races in 2016 as well, but the ones listed above are my main races as of right now!

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