2016 miles in 2016

Run the Year 2016 miles in 2016A few days before the New Year, my good friend Jenni messaged me asking if I would be interested in running 2016 miles within 2016 with her.  She said we had the option to run as a duo, so we would share the 2016 miles and we would even get a medal at the end of the year for completing the 2016 mile challenge.  So naturally I couldn’t say no to a new running challenge.

The challenge is through Run The Year 2016, and you can either run as an individual, a duo, or as a team to reach the 2016 miles.  I have a feeling that Jenni might end up caring our team more than I will because she is a much more avid runner in comparison to me, and she typically runs at least 1 marathon a year.  I do not plan to run a marathon this year, but do plan to fit a few half marathon’s in, so I’m hoping I will be able to keep up with her throughout this year!

This challenge offers a Mileage Tracker, Online Expo, an Aid Station, Training Room, Nutrition Bar, Listening Lounge, Training Plans, and Prizes/Giveaways all throughout the year!  The Mileage Tracker is really cool because it is a calendar that you can record how many miles you ran each day on, and at the end of the week there is a counter that totals up your miles that week.  It also shows you a couple different pie charts, one to show your progress towards 100 miles, and another to show your overall progress for the 2016 miles.  The Mileage Tracker is also were you can see how any of your teammates are doing and how many miles your team has ran combined!

The good thing about this challenge is it is giving me more motivation to go out and run this winter, especially now that Massachusetts has finally gotten the memo that it is in fact winter.  It’ll also help motivate me more to get some runs in while I am abroad on my round the world trip as well, especially since I don’t want to let down Jenni by not doing my fair share of the miles.  I’m really excited about how this challenge will pan out and will be even more excited when Jenni and I reach our goal to run 2016 miles in 2016!


2016 miles in 2016


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