Photo Diary: 20 Sunset Pictures that will make you want to visit Cape Cod

I’ve spent a lot of summers out on Cape Cod, enjoying the beach, kayaking, hiking, bike riding, among numerous other activities.  Ever since I was a baby I’ve spent summers vacationing there.  When I was in high school my parents ended up buying a house out there in a town called Falmouth.  The biggest draw to Cape Cod for me are the sunsets.  They are seriously to die for.  Over the years, I have taken loads of sunset pictures, and always try to make it my mission to see at least one when I am out there – whether it’s for a long weekend or a week long vacation.

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    1. I like going in September because it is still really nice out and it isnt quite as touristy/busy after Labor Day compared to the rest of the summer. Going in early June isnt bad either because a lot of kids are still in school so during the week it’s not very busy if you were to go to the beach. Once kids are out of school though it’s always busy whether it’s a weekday or a weekend.

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      1. Avoiding the crowds would be fantastic! Are there nice fall colors in September? I feel so deprived of autumn colors where I live, so it’s one of the first things that comes to mind when I consider NE. My mind works in strange ways… lol

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      2. Not as much in September, if you went at the end of September you might start to catch some fall colors in New England, but this oast year nothing turned until almost the end of October because it was so warm out through October, so it really depends on the year lol.


      3. That’s not a bad idea either! A couple of my friends and I plan to go out there to my house in a couple weeks and are hoping to get some nice pictures at the beach, and Im hoping there is some snow out there by then cuz we havent had much of any yet this year!


      4. Lol, I could’ve sworn you said that you had vacation homes scattered around the world; 14 as I recall. Just kidding 🙂 That’s cool you get to visit so often.

        I do a similar thing. My parents bought a vacation home at Lake Tahoe a couple years back, so it’s been great taking weekend trips up there.


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