The Count Down Begins: 100 Days

In 100 days from now, I will have officially started my round the world trip and will be in my first stop of Mexico!  I officially booked my ticket to Merida, Mexico this evening and will be starting my round the world trip on April 29th!  Most of my planning is done for the first half of my trip.  I have all of my flights booked up through Mid-July, and all of my IVHQ volunteer programs are booked and paid for.  I still need to book a room for my stay in Hawaii and my stay in Australia, and also need to finish planning what I want to do after my 4 weeks in Bali is up in July as well.

Over the next week I plan to book a couple more flights that are later on in my trip, and will also finish booking my trips to Hawaii and Australia.  My friend Jenni just told me the other day that she is definitely going to go to Hawaii with me, so the two of us are looking into rooms we can share the cost of while there since Hawaii can be quite pricey!  I have also looked into a few different hostel options for Brisbane, but haven’t made any decisions yet.  I am almost thinking I might just book a hostel for the first couple of days and then book the other days once I am in the Brisbane area.  But knowing me, chances are I will have it all planned out before I leave.

I also just checked the prices of flights to Europe from Bangkok in Mid-July this morning again and totally should have booked a ticket to Europe when it was still $240 to fly to Europe from SEA.  As of right now, the cheapest flight to Europe from Bangkok that I could find is $350, which flies into London.  Over the next few days I plan to go over the different flights from Bangkok to Europe and make a plan for the 2 weeks in between when my Bali Volunteer Program ends and my Italy Volunteer Program begins.

Even though it seems like I still have so much planning too do, I feel like I really don’t have all that much to worry about.  I have 100 more days to get everything together, and even then some of my flights and hotels, etc. can be booked even after my round the world trip begins.  I just hope the next 100 days go by quick!


Round the World Trip Countdown: 100 Days

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  1. How exciting! 🙂 I think it’s absolutely amazing that you are doing this… If you come to England and need a tour guide, let me know! Also, flights to Manchester or Dublin are often very cheap, and you can then have “local flights” for around £30. Safe travel! x

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    1. Awesome thats good to know! And I am seriously thinking of flying into London from SEA so if that does end up being my plan I will totally let you know because it’d be awesome to have someone to meet up with there, plus by then Im sure youll know much more about England ! 🙂

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      1. Wow, sounds amazing! It’s actually funny that while I’ve travelled huge portions of this planet, I didn’t have the chance to enjoy even one of the mentioned cities (islands). If you need any tips for other destinations in Europe, feel free to ask! I’ve also summed up all my experiences with several helpful posts in this page (

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