Time for a Racecation in Atlanta

Today I flew out of Bradley International Airport to make my way south for the Hot Chocolate Run 15k race I am participating in this weekend.  The race is being held in Atlanta, Georgia but my original plan was to fly into Charolette, North Carolina and spend tonight and Friday night at my parents house near Greenville, South Carolina.  However that is not the plan anymore as I am currently on a flight going from Cinncinati to Atlanta. 


On my way to Bradley, we got a text alert saying that our second flight was cancelled, which went from Cinncinati to Charolette.  When we got to the airport we tried figuring out an alternate route to get to the area we needed to be since our flight was canceled due to the huge storm going through the Northeast.  There were no flights going to Charolette for the next couple of days, nor to Greenville, and there was one flight going out of Cinncinati to Atlanta tonight but the flight was supposed to leave at 6:23 pm and we were not supposed to get into Cincinnati until 7:30. At one point we were even thinking we might just have to rent a car and drive from Cinncinati to Greenville and just make a road trip out of it all.

When we got to Cinncinati, we went to the Delta help desk to try and find a new flight but weren’t having any luck getting to the Charolette or Greenville area.  We mentioned that ultimately we needed to be in Atlanta for Saturday, so they looked up flights to Atlanta and the 6:23 pm flight happened to be delayed and was taking off at 8:15 pm intstead.  So we quickly booked our tickets to fly down to Atlanta instead.

Now that our plans have slightly changed, I am not entirely sure what the rest of the weekend will have in store.  My dad is driving from Greenville to Atlanta right now to meet us for the night, and we are supposedly going to drive up to Greenville tomorrow, just to come back to Atlanta for Saturday night into Sunday and then back to Greenville Sunday night.  I personally think it would make more sense to just stay in Atlanta, but my dad has some work he needs to get done back in Greenville tomorrow.  But who knows, by the time my flight lands in Atlanta and he meets up with us all of that could change.  It’s interesting going into a racecation knowing where you will definitely end up being come race day, but not knowing where you’ll be the whole time before then, and to be honest I am kind of happy it turned out this way because it makes it more of an adventure!

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