Let me tell you about my best friends

Over this past weekend, my two best friends Renee, Rylee, and I all got together to try doing a photo shoot.  As soon as Renee found out I bought a DSLR camera she asked if we could do a photo shoot, which I was totally ok with since I wanted the practice using the camera.  We decided to go to a small trail area near Patriots Place that I found out about through New England Nomad.  This trail has a bridge that goes over a cranberry bog and seemed like it would be a nice location to try out.  It was around 35-40 degrees that day, so it wasn’t the warmest, and by the end of it we were totally frozen, but we had a lot of fun regardless of the cold.  At one point there was a lady in the distance walking two mini horses, and Rylee absolutely freaked out with excitement.  Unfortunately we did not get pictures of the mini horses, but I did capture Rylee’s entire freak out over seen them!

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    1. Thank you! I figured Id start off basic and got a Canon Rebel EOS T5i (at least i think thats what its called haha). I still need to figure out how some of the current settings are and also figure out how to use it more manually rather than on auto, but it’s fun just trying to play around with 🙂

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