You’re never too old to go sledding

Since we finally got some snow up in Massachusetts (and apparently are getting even more tomorrow), the guy I’ve been dating over the past month and I decided to go sledding. He took me to a park that is about 5 minutes from his house called Buffamville Dam to go sledding at. I had been to Buffamville before for a couple outdoor picnic events when I was in high school, but had never really explored the park outside of the picnic/swimming area.

Buffamville Dam - Oxford, MA

Next to the dam is a pretty decent sized hill that that leads straight to the lake, and apparently when the snow is really good and the ice is safe people will end up sledding out onto the ice. The snow wasn’t terrible for sledding, and it was probably a good thing that it wasn’t perfect sledding snow because the ice definitely was not safe and I wasn’t really trying to sled into freezing water.

Sledding at Buffamville Dam - Oxford, MA

Sledding at Buffamville Dam - Oxford, MA

Buffamville also is home to and 18 hole frisbee golf course as well as a 9 hole frisbee golf course, and we witnessed some pretty dedicated frisbee golfers in the snow while we were there. We had just finished sledding down the hill and we just sitting at the bottom of the hill when Ryan noticed that we were about to start getting hit with frisbee discs if we didn’t start making our way back up the hill.

Sledding at Buffamville Dam - Oxford, MA

Sledding at Buffamville Dam - Oxford, MA

It was also just a really nice day out too weather wise, the sun was out, blue skies, and the temperature was a little over 40 degrees making it the perfect day for sledding. I also got to finally try using my GoPro while we were out in the snow as well, which was pretty awesome! I couldn’t really tell when I was taking the pictures how they looked because the screen is just so tiny, but I am pretty happy with the way they all came out and can’t wait to try using it again!

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