A day in the trees at Ramblewild

This past August, my sister decided to take my family and I to a place called Ramblewild in Lanseborough, MA.  The past couple of Christmases, she has tried to think of a place to take us to spend a family day doing something fun and Ramblewild was her first family fun activity for us to do.  Ramblewild is an aerial park where you climb along ropes, obstacles, and zipline from tree to tree.  They had several different types of difficulty levels for their courses – starting from beginner to expert, and let me tell you some of the expert ones are crazyyyy.  One of the more advanced courses even had a skyak (a ziplined kayak) that you got to ride over this big chasm with.

I’m not huge on heights, and hate the feeling of not being sure footed like I am about to fall so I didn’t go too high in difficulty.  I believe that blue courses were the easiest and green was the next easiest so I stuck to those two types, while my sister and my dad went and tried out some of the black diamond expert courses.  Even though I’m not huge on heights, Ramblewild was seriously so much fun.  There was a family behind us at one point on one of the courses that had done some different tree ropes courses over in Europe and they said how this course was definitely more difficult/fun than the others they had been to.

If you ever find yourself looking for something to do in Western Massachusetts, I would highly recommend checking Ramblewild out.  They are open year-round, and it costs $48 to go during the winter (November 1st-April 30th), $48 in the spring (which is from May 1st-June 30th), and $69 during the summer (July 1st-September 5th).  They currently do not have the fall prices listed, but by guess is it would also be $48 during the fall season.


A Day in the Trees at Ramblewild

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