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Over the next few weeks I have several different travel activities coming up that I am seriously so excited for and just really wanted to share.  The first is going up to New Hampshire with the guy I’m currently dating, Ryan.  I saw a picture of this place called Ice Castles in Lincoln, New Hampshire a few weeks ago and was like “OMG I need to go.”  So I asked Ryan if he would want to go with me and we decided to make a weekend trip out of it.  We are going to head up to Tilton, NH this upcoming Friday night after we both get out of work and plan to go to the Ice Castles on Saturday afternoon, followed by a trip to the Fun Spot in Laconia.  The Fun Spot is this huge 3 story arcade that is seriously so much fun.  My parents used to take my sister and I when we were younger and I haven’t been back there in a really long time.  Ryan is a sucker for arcades so I thought it would be a cool place to take him.  Then on Sunday we plan on going skiing on Gunstock Mountain, which isn’t too far away from Tilton before we head back home Sunday afternoon/night.

The next travel activity I have coming up is a trip down to South Carolina.  I really wanted to drive down this time but didn’t want to do it myself so I was waiting to book a plane ticket in case I did get the chance to be able to drive down.  And that chance arose yesterday when my best friend Renee and I started talking and she just decided right then and there that she’d drive down with me.  So our road trip is already going to be crazy I think because we just booked a hotel to stay in Atlantic City on a Wednesday night, will continue driving on Thursday to Raleigh, North Carolina where one of Renee’s best friends from high school now lives and will stay with her for Thursday night before continuing our drive down to Charleston, South Carolina on Friday.  We will be staying in Charleston until Sunday, and plan to participate in the Rugged Maniac race on Saturday, March 12th.  We plan to start driving back on Sunday and stay over somewhere Sunday night, but haven’t entirely decided where we want to stay Sunday night yet.  It is seriously going to be a blast though and I cannot wait!

The last travel activity I have planned before my big Round the World Trip is a long weekend down in Washington DC with my friends Shannon and Luke.  I have never been to DC before and we will be going mid-April, so I am hoping that the cherry blossoms are out at that time!  One of my friends, Brian, lives nearby DC as well and plans to try and meet up with us while we are down there, which I am also really excited about since I haven’t seen him since July 2014.

I only have about 2 months left until my Round the World Trip begins too, and with the three of these trips packed in between now and then, the next two months should really fly by!

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  1. All that traveling sounds so exciting! I’ve gone to DC a few times the past couple of years so if you need any tips or things to see/do, let me know! I would be happy to share my top sites to see in DC. I went last year Easter weekend and unfortunately the cherry blossoms were not out yet but all of the festival stuff was out so my friend and I had fun doing all the activities and watching a performance.

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      1. Okay, well this might be a longer answer than you were hoping for but here goes. I would definitely recommend taking the Metro to get around. It can be very busy during Cherry Blossom season so if you are going a short distance, walk. But, compared to the NYC subway, the Metro system is way easier to use. I use a SmartTrip card which saves me a little bit on each ride but that’s because I am there often enough for it to be worth it. I am not sure what the breakdown is for a regular metro ticket vs. the SmartTrip card but I would look into that!

        Even though the blossoms hadn’t blossomed when I was there last year, they still had fun activities to do and shows to watch so it was a good time. I hope you get to see them in bloom since I have heard it is amazing but a weekend in DC will be fun no matter what.

        Yes! There are lots of free museums and monuments. The National Portrait Gallery is a great art museum if you are interested in art at all and is fairly easy to get lost in. They have a wide variety of Renaissance Florence paintings here (I went there for an art class field trip). I personally really like the National Museum of American History as well as the Air and Space Museum. These museums are all within walking distance of each other on the Mall and are part of the Smithsonian.

        The Newseum is my favorite museum in DC that I’ve been to. It’s located right near the Capitol and is a museum of news which is neat. The Newseum is four floors and has a range of exhibits from one on September 11th to copies of newspapers from almost many major events in US history. However, this one does charge an admission fee of around $20 I think.

        I would definitely recommend seeing the Jefferson Memorial, Lincoln Memorial, and Washington Monument. If you can see others, definitely go but those are my top three. The Washington Monument is also neat to see at night. The National Parks Service sometimes has morning runs around the mall or monuments so I will try and see if I see any signs when I am down there in a few weeks on that.

        Georgetown is a nice area and is a bus ride (if you get a SmartTrip card you can use it on the bus) or a taxi ride away. You could walk from I think Foggy Bottom metro station to Georgetown but my friend and I almost got lost last time we attempted that (thanks iPhone maps). Georgetown has many shops as well as the famous cupcake places (Georgetown Cupcakes and Baked and Wired) and if you were thinking of heading to Georgetown Cupcakes, I would place your order on the phone a few days ahead and then you get to cut the line to pick them up. I personally prefer Baked and Wired cupcakes though 🙂 And you can see Georgetown University as well.

        I’ll be there for a long weekend in the middle of March so I will probably have things to add after that as well as restaurant recommendations, haha. Let me know if you have any specific questions. But definitely try to make a plan ahead of time and locate everything on the map (I usually plan relative to the metro stops). If you are thinking about visiting the Capitol, I believe you have to book that in advance usually.

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      2. Awesome thanks so much for your insight! My friend Shannon put in a request/the paperwork to see if we can do a tour or the White House while we are down there. My friend Shannon went at least once before too so she knows a little about the area at least but definitely not as much as you! Im definitely going to look into the Newseum though because that sounds like it would be really cool!

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