Fun Spot: The Worlds Largest Arcade

Up in Laconia, New Hampshire is where the worlds largest arcade is located.  It has over 325 arcade games – new ones, old school Atari, pinball, etc. – as well as bowling, indoor mini golf, skiball, and air hockey.  My parents used to take my sister and I to the Fun Spot quite often when we were younger, but I hadn’t been in quite a few years before I brought Ryan there yesterday.  Ryan is a sucker for arcades so I thought the Fun Spot would be an excellent addition to our trip up in New Hampshire.

The Fun Spot - Laconia, NH

We spent a couple of hours at the Fun Spot, and it seemed like the entire time we were there we were just trying to figure out what to do next.  There are just so many games to play and try out.  There are 3 floors to the Fun Spot, the 3rd floor is mostly just old school Atari and Pinball machines, the second floor is more new games/ticket games, and the first floor has skiball along with many other newer and older games.

The Fun Spot - Laconia, NH

Ryan and I both took out 100 tokens and didn’t realize just how many tokens that would be. Usually when you go somewhere like Dave and Busters you put in a $20 and you play 5 games and then you’re basically out of tokens on their card.  At the Fun Spot most of the Games were 1 or 2 tokens, and I think the most we had to put into one game was 4 tokens.  So 200 tokens between the 2 of us lasted a good 2 hours, and even then we could have stayed longer but we wasted probably half of our tokens playing these 2 different ticket games.

The Fun Spot is definitely a great family or even just friend destination if you are ever up in New Hampshire.  The place is a little outdated and could do with some indoor makeover maintenance, but it is still just as fun regardless!

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