A New Hampshire Weekend Getaway

This past weekend, Ryan and I packed up our winter gear and drove just over 2 hours up to New Hampshire.  The whole trip stemmed from me wanting to go and see the Ice Castles in Lincoln, so we decided to make a whole weekend of it.  We both got out of work a little earlier than normal on Friday, just so we could get up there at a normal time instead of later, especially since we wanted to go out to eat once we got there.  One of the main tasks Ryan wanted to do while up in New Hampshire was to buy a bunch of handles of alcohol since it is much cheaper up there than in Massachusetts.  He wanted to buy a bunch of handles in order to make his own little bar area once he moves into his new apartment.  So the first thing we did once we got into New Hampshire was stopped at the State Liquor Store and he bought $300 worth of alcohol, and I bought a few things at the store to try and enjoy over the weekend.  After our packy run, we continued our drive up to Tilton, where we had book a hotel for 2 nights.

Ice Castles - Lincoln NH

I knew somewhere around Tilton that there was this diner that my family and I used to go to when I was younger, and one of my goals was to find it so we could eat there.  Luckily, it just so happened to be on the same exit as our hotel.  So we dropped our stuff off at the hotel and headed off to the diner for dinner.  The Tilt’n Diner is seriously so good – they have amazing milkshakes and have a wide variety of food (and they serve breakfast all day long!).  After dinner, we drove around a little before just going back to the hotel and relaxing for the night since we had several activities planned for Saturday.

The Fun Spot - Laconia, NH

The next morning we got up and went back to the Tilt’n Diner for breakfast since it didn’t look like there was too much else in the area for breakfast places.  After breakfast we went to The Tanger Outlet Mall that was located right in between the diner and the hotel and just walked around and went into a few different stores just to sort of waste time until the afternoon.  Around 2, we left Tilton and headed up to Lincoln to see the Ice Castles.  The Ice Castles we absolutely amazing!  I won’t go too much into them here since I covered them in my Photo Diary: Ice Castles post already.  But seriously, if you are ever up in New Hampshire in the winter in the future I HIGHLY recommend checking them out!

Ice Castles


After the Ice Castles, I wanted to take Ryan to this 3 story arcade called The Fun Spot – which also is supposedly the largest arcade in the world.  This arcade is located in Laconia, and since Ryan is a sucker for arcades I figured it would be an awesome place to take him. The only thing I was disappointed about at the Fun Spot was my favorite game there was broken, so I wasn’t able to play it like I had hoped, but we still had a ton of fun regardless!

Gunstock Mountain - NH

Once we left the Fun Spot, Ryan and I were both starving since we had not eaten since breakfast.  Luckily, Laconia is only about a 20-25 minute drive from Tilton because we didn’t really pass any restaurants on the way back to Tilton, and what few we did pass we closed for the season.  When we got back to the main drag in Tilton, Ryan and I went to a local pizza place and just inhaled so much pizza.  After that, I was exhausted and managed to pass out at like 9 pm – which I was then made fun of for the next day, but hey what can I say.

Gunstock Mountain - NH

The next morning we go up and packed all our stuff to leave the hotel and got ready to go and hit the slopes.  We packed a bunch of winter gear to go skiing at Gunstock Mountain, and it ended up being a 50 degree day out.  Even though Ryan and I were a bit over dressed for the weather, I honestly was happy that it was a nicer day out rather than freezing.  It made it much more enjoyable to be outside.  Ryan had only skied once before in his life, so he wasn’t too handy with his ski’s, but he started to get the hang of it by the time we left.  He fell a few times, and I somehow managed to trip him coming off of the ski lift one time as well, but overall he did really well.  I used to go skiing a lot when I was little, but haven’t gone much since I’ve gotten older.  Skiing while I was younger definitely helped me though because even though I don’t go very often now, I sorta have some muscle memory for skiing and at least know what I have to do – unlike Ryan.  We had loads of fun on the mountain though, and both of us are thinking of trying to hit the slopes more next year that way he can get the hang of it a little better.  After skiing we unfortunately had to head home, but the both of us were happy to have gotten away for a weekend!


A New Hampshire Weekend Getaway

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