13 ways you know you’re addicted to your Fitbit

  1. You constantly try to be in first place on you’re fit bit friends list.
  2. You only charge your Fitbit when you’re in the shower or know you wont be active for at least 30 minutes.
  3. You get upset when you forgot to wear it while you were sleeping overnight and it didn’t track that nights sleep.
  4. You set higher goals than just the daily 10 thousand steps.
  5. Whenever you hit 10 thousand steps you always say it out loud to whoever you’re with at the time.
  6. On days you know you wont hit your daily average you try and fit in any extra walk in that you can just to get more steps in.
  7. You rig your Fitbit to gather steps when you do other active activities that don’t require stepping (aka attaching it to your shoe when you go for a bike ride to help gather those peddle steps).
  8. When you forget to put your Fitbit on you try to explain to your Fitbit friends why your step count average is so low.
  9. You where your Fitbit everywhere, even out to the bar when you go out with your friends because you don’t want to miss any steps you’d get from dancing and walking from bar to bar.
  10. You get mad when you’ve hit ever single one of your daily targets but not your daily calorie target.
  11. You give yourself weekend goals like getting 10 thousand steps before 10am, and if you miss that you aim for 11 thousand by 11am or 12 thousand by 12pm.
  12. When you’re almost at your daily step goal for the day but the day is almost over, you get up and walk in place until you hit your 10 thousand steps.
  13. And lastly you wont admit that you’re addicted to your Fitbit, when really you truly are.


13 ways you know you're addicted to your Fitbit

2 thoughts

    1. I used one for like 6 months and its good to keep track of how active you are in a day but for me at least the tracker for miles for running wasn’t accurate. I have the HR charge, but I know they make a fitbit thats a little more expensive than that one that one of my friends has that has an actual GPS tracker in it which he says works great. So if youre looking into getting one more to be able to use to track runs then Id say look into that one, I think it’s called the Surge. The Surge also has an option for you to track that your on a bike ride too which I think is cool because the HR I have cant do that but I wish it did. I think they’re worth the money, it’s just is it worth the money for what you wanna use it for I guess lol. Hope that helps your decision! 🙂

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