Road tripping to Charleston, SC

On Wednesday night, my best friend Renee and I started our road trip down to Charleston, South Carolina.  This is the first road trip either of us has been on, so we didn’t really know what to expect out of it.  If we were to do it again, we both agree that we would have done a little more planning versus just thinking of random places we could stop at that were sort of along the way.  For instance, our first stop was Atlantic City, New Jersey, which don’t get me wrong looked cool driving in and our casino/hotel the Trump Taj Mahal looked awesome, but really that stop was so unnecessary.  We had fun, but we got there at 10:30 pm, and we both so tired because we had worked all day and then drove 5 hours down there.  We still went and walked around the casino a bit once there, even though it was pretty dead, but only lasted about 45 minutes down there before deciding it was time for bed.  The night before I looked out to see what our view was like from our room and was like yeah we have no view, but low and behold the next morning we woke up at 6 am to the sunrise coming in and actually had a little view of the ocean.  After the sunrise we left and were back on the road at 7 am.  It was a nice stop since neither of us had been before, so at least we got to kinda see what it was like, but at the same time realistically we should’ve drove down to Virginia or somewhere a little further down that night where we could have saved probably $50 worth of tolls because of the route going to Atlantic City and then from there to down South.  Live and learn I guess.

The Taj Mahal at Atlantic City

On Thursday we had a 7 1/2 hour drive to get to Raleigh, North Carolina, where one of Renee’s best friends lives.  But because the drive was so long for what the two of us are used to it ended up turning into 9 hours of a drive because we had to stop a few times.  We made the most of it though, but it was also kind of a boring drive because there isn’t a whole lot to see on Interstate 95.  We managed to get to Raleigh by 4 and Alex, Renee’s friend, already had drinks ready for us.  Alex and her boyfriend made us dinner and then we all decided to go out to one of their favorite bars in Raleigh called The Black Flower.  Alex and Pep always take people here because of The Black Flower’s signature drink.  Renee had visited Alex once before so she had had one, but Renee, Alex and I all had to tell Pep that giving me one would be bad news bears since I only have one kidney.  He was a little sad that he wouldn’t get to get someone new to have one, but Alex and him both had one themselves once we got to the bar anyways.  Now you’re probably wondering exactly what is this signature drink.  It is called a Batman, and apparently tastes like a rootbeer float, but works like an Irish Car Bomb where if you don’t drink it fast enough it starts to curdle.  A Batman is made with a shot of Captain’s Spiced Rum, Yager, Rootbeer Vodka, Vanilla Vodka, and Whipped Cream Vodka, mixed with Pepsi, and then you drop a shot of Baliey’s Irish Cream into it before you chug it down.  Even if I could drink this, I don’t think I’d be able to because I suck at chugging drinks.

The Black Flower Bar in Raleigh North Carolina

The Black Flower was a chill bar though, and if I am ever in Raleigh again I would definitely go back here.  The owner was wicked cool, and just kept bringing us drinks when he noticed we were low, and because Alex and Pep go there all the time he didn’t even charge us for all of the drinks he brought us.  Apparently there are a few new bars that are being built along the corner of where The Black Flower and several other bars are, so he’s hoping that the area becomes more of a bar hop location since they are all right in line with each other.

Driving into South Carolina

Friday morning we left Raleigh at 7 am as well, so we could start making our way to Charleston and be there early enough to go hang out at the beach for a bit.  The drive from Raleigh to Charleston was only 4 hours in comparison to the previous 2 driving days, so it wasn’t quite so bad.  By noon we were at the beach and it was so nice out.  We drove down to Folly Beach, and had a good time just hanging out on the sand watching people and soaking in the sun.  We spent about an hour on the beach before we decided we needed to get some food, so we packed up our stuff and walked up to the nearby street that had some restaurants and shops along it and stopped at a place called Rita’s.  They had a special drink that day called a Pineapple Man-mosa, which sounded so good so both Renee and I got one along with their dip platter and salads.  After lunch we walked up the street a bit to check out some of the shops before heading to the house my family rented off of AirBnB.

We didn’t do too much yesterday once we got to the house since Renee and I were both so tired, but we hung out at the house and checked out the neighborhood a little bit before all of my family left to go out to dinner.  Today, we will all be running in the Rugged Maniac race and will hopefully get to check out a bit more of Charleston this afternoon after the race.  More to come soon on the rest of my trip!


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