Boston’s Harpoon St. Patrick’s Day Festival

On March 4th, Boston’s Harpoon Brewery celebrated St. Patricks Day a little early by throwing their St. Patrick’s Day Festival.  My best friend Renee found out about it and asked around on how it was, and everyone said that Harpoon Festival’s are such a great time to attend.  So on March 4th, Renee, her friend April, my boyfriend Ryan, and I all shipped up to Boston for the day to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day early.  The Festival cost $25 dollars to get in, which included a drink ticket and a pint glass (but was really plastic).  Once in, drink tickets cost $6 each.

Harpoon St. Patricks Day Festival

At the festival, there were two huge tents connected together like a T.  In the first tent, there was a stage set up that different bands played at throughout the day.  To the right of the stage was where you could purchase extra drink tickets, and to the left was one of the set of beer taps.  The second tent had a huge standing area for people, along with a couple food vendors, and all the way at the back of the tent was another set of beer taps.

There were several different types of beer you could try.  I’m not huge on beer, so I was happy when I saw that they had a cider on tap.  Ryan and I decided to both get cider first with our “free” drink tickets.  We bought 4 more drink tickets to use later on when we walked into the first tent also.  Even though I’m not huge on beer, I did try a couple of their other beers after the cider.  They had a type of grapefruit beer, that Ryan and I each got, and we also got one of their normal beers.  I finished the grapefruit beer, but Ryan had to finish my actual beer because I just couldn’t do it at that point.

Harpoon St. Patricks Day Festival

The whole festival wasn’t just inside though, there were also a couple of outdoor areas were you could stand and drink in.  One time when we were outside, an Irish guy came up to us saying he was doing a competition with his friends to see who could get the most stickers from people.  Renee, April, and I had all put four leaf clover stickers on faces, and Renee was like sure I still have this sheet of stickers, and told him he could take the whole thing.  He was super happy and said that if he won he’d give her a free beer ticket, and later on that day he ended up finding her again and gave her 2 beer tickets for helping him out.

Harpoon’s St. Patrick’s Day Festival is held on two days, Friday night and then on Saturday from 1pm-7pm.  We went on Saturday, and it was a ton of fun, but was also soooo packed.  It was almost impossible to walk through the tent without running into someone or without having beer spilled on you.  Luckily, we didn’t have too hard of a time maneuvering through people, and tried to stick to the outskirts when we could.  It was also interesting to see the different types of people attending the fest.  There were a lot of younger people, but there were also a lot of older people there enjoying themselves as well.  They were also selling these weird looking chicken hats, which I’m not really sure what they were about, but they had them there and people were wearing them.  In all though, it was an awesome time and makes me want to try going to some other types of festivals in the future!


Harpoon St Patricks Day Festival

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