Fishing in Deer Park

One of Ryan’s favorite hobbies is going fishing, and he even had his own little fishing spot that he goes to every year. Before him, the only fishing I have ever done was going down to the lake/pond near my parents Cape Cod house and just fish with worms as bait and tend to only catch little perch. Ryan uses little shiners as his bait and tends to go after bass moreso than other types of fish. On Tuesday, we had a really nice day where it was over 60 degrees so we decided to have a go at fishing at Deer Park. Deer Park Fishing From the gate entrance of Deer Park we had to walk about 0.9 miles of trails to get to his fishing spot. There was this bug bunch of rocks that Ryan and his friends like to go up on to cast off and chill while waiting to catch something. We weren’t really sure if we would actually catch anything or not because bass tend to be lazy in the cooler weather and don’t get more active until about June, according to Ryan. We cast out anyways and decided to just see what would happen. After about 15 minutes on of the bobs went under and Ryan went running for the pole, but unfortunately the bass didn’t seem to want to swallow the shiner whole because  it was being lazy and Ryan ended up reeling in nothing.  He was a bit annoyed that he didn’t hook his first catch of the season, but that was shortly overturned when the bobber went down again and Ryan was more patient with trying to hook the bass.  This time he caught a pretty decent sized bass, nothing huge but definitely not small. Deer Park Fishing 

 Deer Park Fishing After that catch though, the bobber went down a few more times on both poles but we weren’t able to hook anything else.  We still had a great time fishing though. His fishing spot is so quiet and peaceful, all the water was so still and clear.  The water had perfect reflections of the trees as well, I can only imagine how pretty it must be there during the summer and fall. Ryan claims that in the fall, when they drain the water the lake looks like the water in the Bahamas because it is so clear. Even though I won’t get to enjoy hanging out at Ryan’s fishing spot at all this summer, I can’t wait to see how it looks in September when I get back from my trip.  Fishing in Deer Park 

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