Around the world in 139 days

A month from today I will be starting my trip around the world that will last for 139 days.  In the past few months, I have posted several initial itineraries of where I plan to go and where I planned on trying to go.  Now that there is only a month to go, I figured it was time to share my final itinerary.  It has changed quite a bit since I first began planning this trip, and if you are interested in seeing how my plans have changed/progressed over the past few months you can see them here:

Initial Itinerary for my RTW Trip
Where should I go?
Updated RTW Trip Itinerary
The Count Down Begins: 100 Days

When I last left off on my itineraries, I wasn’t entirely sure what I was going to be doing for the 2 weeks I had between leaving Bali, Indonesia and going to Naples, Italy.  I also didn’t fully have the few weeks after being in Naples planned either.  I went through a lot of different ideas of where I could go and what I wanted to see, and many new ideas were added in as older ideas were thrown out.

My updated itinerary is as follows:

April 29 – May 14 – Merida, Mexico
May 15-17 – Massachusetts, United States
May 18-28 – Hawaii, United States
May 29-June 3 – Brisbane, Australia
June 4-18 – Fiji
June 19-July 16 – Bali, Indonesia
July 16-18 – Bangkok, Thailand
July 18-20 – Stockholm, Sweden
July 20-22 – Malmo, Sweden
July 22-24 – Copenhagen, Denmark
July 24-25 – London, England
July 26-28 – Amsterdam, Netherlands
July 28-31 – Paris, France
July 31-August 27 – Naples, Italy
August 27-30 – Split, Croatia
August 30-September 2 – Dubrovnik, Croatia
September 2-6 – Bari, Italy
September 6-12 – Morocco
September 12-14 – Barcenlona, Spain
September 14 – Boston, Massachusetts

Originally, I wanted to go to Greece, but I realized how many different things in Greece I would want to see and thought Greece might be a better trip on its own.  I also didn’t originally plan on seeing any of Scandinavia, but I found a good deal flying from Bangkok to Stockholm and thought it would be cool to do some train travel through a few different cities up there.  From Copenhagen, I will be flying into London to meet up with Ryan, where we will spend the week together traveling from London, to Amsterdam and then to Paris before we will part ways. Other friends of mine that I plan to meet up with while on my travels is my friend Jenni, who plans to spend a week with me in Hawaii, and my friend Mariah who I will be visiting in Morocco.

The only part of this itinerary that may change slightly is the few days I am back in Italy after going to Croatia and before going to Morocco. I plan to take a ferry from Croatia to Bari, Italy and then booked a flight to Marrakesh, Morocco from Rome, so at some point after arriving in Bari I will have to make my way back to Italy’s West Coast, but I haven’t fully decided how I want to play out those 4 or 5 days yet.  If anyone has been to Bari or around that area of Italy before, I would love to hear your experience of being there!

Before my trip begins, I plan to have all flights, rooms, and mostly any other type of transportation already paid for. As of right now everything is booked/paid for except for those few days after arriving in Bari, Italy, as well as where I plan to stay in Morocco for some of the trip and in Barcelona, Spain. It’s pretty crazy to see how much has gone into planning this trip so far, so in the next few weeks I plan to go over more on how I planned this trip, what the cost was, what experiences I’d most like to try, what struggles I’ve faced with planning this trip, along with other RTW trip related posts. It really is just so surreal to think that a month from now I will be off to begin the adventure of my lifetime!


Final Round the World Trip Itinerary

7 thoughts

  1. I’m looking forward to hearing about the planning/costs. We’re in the middle of a RTW trip right now that we kind of halfway planed. I’m really interested to hear his things go when you plan it all ahead of time. Hope it’s a great adventure!

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    1. Thanks! Yeah I plan to put that out in the next week or so how I went about planning it and how much everything cost for me in total! I figure paying ahead is easier because then it’s less you have to worry about while away!

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  2. The itinerary looks so awesome! I can’t wait to hear about the planning too since I am trying to plan my 9 day travel break when I am in England in the fall and am already lost. You are seeing such a variety of locations though which will be amazing!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’m hoping to get a post up about how I planned it all this weekend! I think the hardest part for me to plan was where in Europe I wanted to go for 2 weeks before going to Italy! There are just so many things in Europe that I would love to see!

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