What to do during an unexpected delay…

Today I’m leaving to head to Hawaii and the first leg of my flight is tonight. I have a flight tonight going to San Fransisco with an overnight layover, and a flight to Honolulu from there in the morning. Unfortunately, I didn’t find out until I got to Boston International that my flight that was supposed to leave at 7 pm got delayed 3 hours and isn’t leaving now until 10:10. The shitty part about it is the terminal for this airline has only 2 gates and there is no access to any of the other gates for any of the other airlines. So I have over a 5 hour wait until my flight since I got here just before 5 pm.

There are several things I still need to do since I got back from my trip to Mexico. My SD card for my camera got messed up and had to reformat so I lost a bunch of pictures I took while in Mexico that I have been trying to recover and save. I went through a recovery process and it put some images back on the SD card but it won’t let me view them and I can’t tell if it is because they are RAW images or if the recovery just didn’t actually really work. While waiting now and then during my overnight layover, I am hoping I can figure out if I can in fact save those images or not. Another thing I’m planning on doing is going through what images I do have and start typing up posts on what different things I did do during my time in Mexico. I’ve also decided to postpone certain parts of my trip for now, so I need to update my itinerary and also need to look into some different flight and hotel options for the parts of my trip that’s changing.

So far I have managed to waste an hour and a half of time of the 5 hours I am stuck at Boston International, so here’s to hoping the next 3 1/2 hours go by fast enough!

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  1. Good luck! Have fun! And don’t get too bored sitting at the airport! We’ll have to exchange pictures when you get back… yours of your trip, and mine of your soon-to-be 2nd (double) cousin. Hope you can recover your Mexico pictures… 🙂

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