Photo Diary: Snorkeling at Hanauma Bay

Hanauma Bay is located on the island of Oahu, Hawaii and is one of the most popular tourist destinations just outside of Honolulu.  This bay was created from a past volcanic eruption, and over time the ocean wore it away into a cove/bay.  There are many different species living the the bay now, such as coral, fish and turtles, and because of this many tourists go here to snorkel.  My friend Jenni and I took a tour bus to Hanauma Bay for $15 each and then also had to pay $7.50 in order to get into the bay.  Our tour bus included snorkeling gear, which for us didn’t entirely work.  When we first started to snorkel Jenni’s mask kept filling up with water so then we switched masks to see if it was the mask or just the way it fit her face.  After switching she didn’t have as much of an issue and I didn’t either until a little while later when I needed to re-position the mask and then every time after that my mask kept filling with water.  I guess that’s what happens when you borrow cheap snorkel equipment.  But other than that, snorkeling was actually really cool, we didn’t even have to go far and could see a ton of different fish.  I brought my GoPro Hero4 with me to use in the water to try and see what types of fish I could capture on camera.


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