Running to Diamond Head State Park

The morning before the Honolulu Ekiden Marathon, Jenni and I decided to go out for a pre-raceday run to try and loosen up a bit. The day before we had walked to Diamond Head State Park to go hiking and it was about a 2 mile walk to the entrance. When we walked there, we noticed that you could watch the sunrise from the entrance of the park, so we thought it would be nice to get up early and run the 2 miles there to catch the sunrise. We started running down the road our hotel was on and then ended up taking a longer way to get to Diamond Head than we had originally planned, so our 2 mile run turned into a 3 mile run, but it was totally worth it for this view.

After watching the sunrise for a few minutes we decided to run another mile since it was all downhill back to Wakiki, so in total we ended up running 4 pre-raceday miles. Other than it being awfully humid that morning, it was a perfect early morning run.

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    1. The view at the peak is amazing! I plan to write about it sometime over the next week, my favorite part of going up Diamond Head was probably seeing how people were dressed, I couldnt believe what some of the people were wearing for that hike!

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