Hiking Diamond Head

One of the first couple days Jenni and I were in Hawaii we decided to walk to Diamond Head since it was only 2 miles from Waikiki.  We started walking there around 9 am or so, and we could already tell that it was going to be a hot day.  The walk to Diamond Head wasn’t bad, but once we got inside Diamond Head the heat was much more brutal.  I couldn’t believe some of the outfits some people chose to wear to hike up Diamond Head, especially since it was very humid and at least 85 degrees out.  The hike itself isn’t much of a hike, the path is concrete and laid out for you entirely to follow up to one of the old bunkers at the top of Diamond Head, but some people were wearing heels, long pants and sweatshirts, sweatpants, all sorts of things that I would never think to wear when it’s over 75 or to wear hiking in general.  But, to each his own I guess.

The path was a continuous S curve up the side of Diamond Head, and then moved over to another section of Diamond Head where it also did a bunch of S curves before having you walk through a tunnel that lead to a huge flight of stairs in order to get to the bunker.  The walk really wasn’t bad other than the heat being so stagnant inside the crater, making it seem like it was taking forever, but really the walk was probably a little over a mile up and then another mile or so back down.

View from Diamond Head

Once you got to the bunker, you had to climb into it which was pretty cool.  The view from the bunker was pretty awesome too because it looked right out at the ocean and the water was so blue.  You also had to sort of climb out of the bunker as well to get to the walkway leading to the viewing area.  From here you could see a light house along the coast, and on the other side could see the view of the residential area of the city in the distance – both of which were amazing views.

View from Diamond Head

At the top, there is also an area that people can technically walk out onto that is along the ledge of Diamond Head – but you aren’t actually supposed to go out there.  Jenni and I went out onto it anyways since a bunch of other people kept going out onto it too, and they don’t really enforce the “don’t go out here” policy.

If anyone plans to go to Diamond Head, I would suggest getting there a little while after it opens – which is at 6 am.  Depending on the morning it could be brutally humid out if you get there for 6 am, but if you go around 7 or 8 am the humidity tends to burn off a little bit so the hike up Diamond Head wouldn’t be as brutally hot.  We were hiking up it around 10 am and wished we had gotten there sooner but were still fine regardless.  Even though Diamond Head is one of those really touristy things to do in Honolulu, it is definitely worth doing, especially since it will only take up a portion of your day!  There are many ways to get to Diamond Head too, you could walk, take TheBus, do an excursion package, or you can get there by the hop on hop off trolleys located all over Waikiki/Honolulu.

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