A 4 mile race on Father’s Day

This year for Father’s Day, my dad and I ran in a 4 Mile Road Race put on by the Warren Elementary Running Club. The race started and ended at the Warren Elementary school and did a loop on roads that went around the school. The first mile was pretty easy, it was all down hill, but as soon as mile 1 ended we were hit with straight uphill for 2.5-3 more miles. This race was also classified as a 4 mile road race, but the course was actually 4.5 miles, which isn’t much more but is still a little misleading.

I decided to take my dog Shadi with me on this race and I think this course wore her out pretty fast. As we were getting to mile 2, going forever uphill, she was already starting to dog out on me. I decided that since I had Shadi with me that this was going to be an easy race for me, so I decided to stop and walk a little bit with Shadi since we still had a bit to go and she was already getting lazy on me. By mile 3.5 the course finally started to go back downhill for a bit before the last half  mile which was mostly flat.

In all it was a really nice day out for this race, but I could tell Shadi was so over the race by the end of it. As I was running into the finish she was trotting way behind me and I almost had to start dragging her at my pace to the finish. When we crossed the finish line, they were handing out finisher medals and this little boy came up asking if he could give one to Shadi, so even she got a medal!

Our neighbor, Julie, ended up finishing as the first overall female, and I got first place in my age group – even though I’m pretty sure I might have been the only person in my age group. This really was an awesome race, and even Team Hoyt was out at this race supporting a local running club. It is always awesome to see someone like Dick and Rick Hoyt at these small town races to help support their local running community. Despit the really long uphill, this is definitely a race I would do again in the future.

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