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Hi! My name is LeeAnne, and I am a 23-year-old Massachusetts native, who seems to currently be rushing through life too fast. How exactly is that, you might ask?  Well, at the age of 20 I managed to graduate college with a double major in Environmental Science and Regional planning, and also double minored in Geographic Information Systems and Business.  I landed my first official full time job just before I turned 21, where I was employed for 2 years as a GIS Technician.  Also, during my first full year of full-time employment, I received a Master’s Certificate through the University of Southern California in GIS. And now I am currently working for my Dad and Uncle’s business as a System’s Analyst.  Seems like a lot for someone in her early 20’s doesn’t it?

I have always yearned for travel. I got a taste of traveling on my own for the first time through a course I took at USC, which required traveling to Los Angeles and Catalina Island in California. Since then, I have been thinking of travel non-stop. Being there on my own made me realize how easy it was to travel and do things on your own. Going there opened my eyes to solo travel and made me start thinking of ways I could easily manage going abroad on my own.

This past summer, I had a realization that I am wasting away my 20’s by only ever working. To remedy this I started to plan out how I plan to quit my job and start traveling the world.  One thing I have always wanted to do is volunteer abroad, and I thought what better way to see the world than to experience different cultures first hand by volunteering and giving back to foreign communities. So my first huge round the world trip will jump from continent to continent, when I will be doing several different volunteer programs, along with some solo travel in between!

Another thing I highly enjoy is running.  I love running in races because I love the feeling you get after finishing a race, the “Yeah, I just did that” feeling.  To further my travel ambitions, I plan to do a race in every state someday, which will give me a reason to visit every state someday.

So follow me as I run in races, finalize my travel plans, and leave to go on my round the world trip!


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  1. Thanks for stopping by our blog and liking our post! Good luck with your around the world trip! That sounds like it will be a fun adventure! If you make it to SE Asia make sure to check out some of our posts in that area or feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions ect. We love, love, love Asia and there is always someone or some organization in need of volunteers! All the best, Lucy of Just Our Passports.com


  2. How did you graduate in three years with such crazy majors? I mean, they at least sound really intense. And of course went ahead and topped it all off with a masters from USC, haha. But seriously, that takes super skills!


    1. A community college near where I live allows you to take free college courses while youre a senior in high school, so I took a few courses and started off a semester ahead before even getting to college! And then I’m just a crazy person and decided to take a bunch of summer courses too haha. These 2 majors were actually easy to double major in because a lot of the couses at my school double dipped in both majors. Had they not, I definitely wouldnt have been able to graduate in 3 years!


      1. That sounds like a good deal (both financially and getting a head start)! And you’re definitely not crazy. Or maybe you are, but you’re not the only one, lol. What was your primary reason for graduating early? My reason was that I wanted to take a year of vacation, but now I regret not being more motivated in college. In my first quarter at UC Davis I got my first F ever and then changed majors my sophomore year. I somehow graduated in 3 years, and made it easier by skipping half my classes. Sorry, you probably didn’t want to hear my school experience. It just brought back some memories, since it’s not often you hear of a 3yr bachelor degree (especially double major) and I really like how motivated you were to do it! Kudos!

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      2. No it’s interesting that you were able to do that as well! I dont really know why I decided to graduate early, I kinda just did cuz I wasn’t super into the college scene I guess. I’ve just always been super motivated I guess!

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  3. Thanks for stopping by and liking a post on The Expositrix, LeeAnne! Your volunteer/travel plan sounds tremendous– and keep running, too! Every now and then, I’m granted a really transcendent run that clears everything out; there’s nothing like it, as I’m sure you can attest!

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